What's Cool In Road Cycling

$200 Off CompuTrainer: Black Friday Deal

Best prices ever-----$200 Off all CompuTrainers which are now compatible with ANT+ Heartrate. Our proven Performance Improvement Guarantee, unique in the industry, leads to a 10% increase in your cycling speed. The proof is on the podium. In 2013 our athletes won 64 major races and podiumed in 147--an unparalleled record.


One thing you gotta love about Fall – is the chance to win a CompuTrainer right here on PezCycling! Thanks to the good folks at RacerMate, your winter training could get a lot more productive, and all you gotta do is ENTER this contest…


Once again those familiar sounds of disbelief and “NO WAY!” were the first things I heard upon informing Robert Markt that he’d just won a CompuTrainer from the fitness-gurus at RacerMate. For those of you not glued to the Weather Channel, it’s been raining in New York, so the timing of this win could not be better!

The Velotron Review: Pez-Test

In early June I made drove to Seattle to visit the guys at RacerMate, and take a first hand look at – and ride on, their newest training machine – the Velotron. This thing is like the Frankenstein of trainers – you can create your own monster!

New Product: VariCranks

Call it spontaneous genious, but about the same time we started talking about crank lengths here at the worldwide PEZ-HQ, the folks at RacerMate were launching their newest training weapon - the VariCranks - the adjustable length crank set. We'll be planning a full test later in the season, but here's a first look...