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Trackside Ed: Fixie Action from Copenhagen!

Trackside Ed: The '6 Day' circus has moved from Berlin to Copenhagen and the Ed Hood caravan was hitched up for the ride. After the long journey across the frozen wastelands, the track-centre cabin is set up and it's business as usual for the opening days of the '6 Days' of Copenhagen.

The 2017/18 ‘6 Day’ Season In Numbers

The 2017/18 winter '6 Day' season is over and the velodromes turn to other sports and music for the summer... and in some cases even cycling! Our PEZman, Ed Hood, managed to spectate and work at a few less 6s than normal, but he's in the perfect position to give us the run-down on the year and look at the future of the 'zesdaagse'.

Trackside Ed: ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ Copenhagen!

Roadside PEZ: The final '6 Day' of the 2017/18 winter season was in Copenhagen and PEZ-man of the indoor boards, Ed Hood, was in the Danish capital for the action and the back-stage fun. Bikes, boards, hand-slings and sprints - 'Wonderful wonderful' has it all!

‘6 Day’ Rider Stephen Bradbury – Living The Dream!

Rider Interview: To be twenty-four years old and doing what you love is a dream most of us don't manage, but young trackman Stephen Bradbury was 'living the dream' pounding the Copenhagen Ballerup velodrome boards in last week's '6 Day'. Ed Hood was there to talk to the man from Reading.

Copenhagen ‘6 Day’ 2017 – The Final Days!

The final three days of the Copenhagen '6 Day' saw a home win for the Danish, a happy crowd and a tired Ed Hood in the bowels of the Ballerup Super Arena. Tempers frayed to the point of hand guns being perused on the internet. Ed's Danish big finalé:

Copenhagen ‘6 Day’ 2017 – The First Days!

Ed Hood has moved on from the 'lackluster' Berlin '6 Day' to Copenhagen and some hotter action, even if it's cold outside. The atmosphere, music and racing is all part of the '6 Day' fun and Ed captures the first three days in his idiosyncratic words and photos.

Mørkøv and Rasmussen take control in Copenhagen

It was an immensely entertaining night in Copenhagen where Tinkoff-Saxo’s Michael Mørkøv and partner, Alex Rasmussen were under severe pressure as a German alliance took turns attacking the leading Danish couple and Marc Hester and Leif Lampater eventually managed to gain a lap on Mørkøv/Rasmussen.

Mørkøv in the lead in Copenhagen

Tinkoff-Saxo’s Michael Mørkøv launched the second night of the Copenhagen six-day race in third position. However, Michael Mørkøv and partner, Alex Rasmussen were in perfect shape during tonight’s chase over 60 minutes where Rasmussen took the win ahead of Marc Hester which resulted in an overall second position. But the Danish couple ended up taking the lead of the Copenhagen six-day race after the second day of racing.