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PEZ Previews: 2011 Copenhagen Worlds Course

I check my watch. Twenty minutes to leg it back to the office in nearby Vedbaek. I should've left more time for my reconnaissance of the 2011 World Road Championships just north of Copenhagen. But work was my reason for visiting Denmark in the first place and sneaking out during the week seems like a privilege not to be abused.

All Roads Lead To Copenhagen: The Grand Finale

It has all come down to the final two nights of racing. In one of the most prestigious six day events of the year, the racing is certain to be furious over the final two nights. Come along for the ride with Ed Hood, as he gets us in close for one last look into the world of the Six for the 2010/2011 season.

All Roads Lead To The Copenhagen Six, Part Two

Ivan Drago looks down at me, fixes me with a stare and says; 'with power !' I squeak back; 'for sure.' It's not actually Ivan Drago the man/machine who Sly had to put back in his box in Rocky Four, it's Robert Bengsch; but Martin and I believe that Drago and Bengsch were twins, separated at birth. Drago went down the boxing route whilst Robert took up the bike...all in a day's work at the Copenhagen Six for Ed!

All Roads Lead To The Copenhagen Six, Part One

It's hard to think of it as such, since it's only February, but as Ed says, it has been a long Six Day season. Starting in the fall and staying hot all winter long, the season draws to an end in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is no dull swansong though. It's a great stop on the circuit, and well, even if it wasn't, with Ed running, it would be worth reading about. Let's head in for a look at the first two nights!