What's Cool In Road Cycling
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Toolbox: Power Profiling

To get to where you want to go this year, you need to know where you are now in terms of your fitness. Information is power, and the whole point of training with power is to provide as much information as possible to guide your training. One important path towards this self-knowledge is through regular testing and determining your power profile.

ErgVideo 3.0: High-Definition Training

When was the last time you suffered the agony of getting dropped and watching all your training buddies ride away into the sunset while you were on your stationary trainer? The ErgVideo concept of honest-to-goodness indoor RACING has expanded to be better than ever over the past couple of years, and we hop on board as ErgVideo 3.0 software, along with new High-Definition videos are released.

Best Of PEZ: Different Strokes For Different Folks?

Time trials are all about “leaving everything on the road.” You want to pace yourself so that you hit the finish line with nothing left in the gas tank. Many strategies for achieving this have been proposed in the scientific literature. The other question to ask is what the effects of ability are on pacing strategy, and whether such strategy is ingrained or learned.

Toolbox: Shifting Paradigms In Athlete Development

Part 2: Last time I introduced the concept of long term athlete development, as explained by Istvan Balyi at the recent USA Cycling Coaching Symposium in Colorado Springs. While generally applied to adolescent development, I put forward the idea that many of the tenets of LTAD are equally valid for an adult population, especially those in early stages of learning a sport. This month we expand on the principles and lay a foundation for your success in 2011 and beyond.

Toolbox: Motorpacing Lessons from the Salt Flats

Attorney and former professional cyclist Bob Mionske says, “Don’t do it!” Traffic codes universally discourage it, and most rational individuals would consider it ill-advised. If that’s the case, what is the appeal of motor pacing?

Toolbox: A Few “Going Into Winter” Tips

As we enter the true heart of the offseason (aka "Heart of Darkness), I thought it would be a good time to suggest a few offseason training tips that may help you come out of the winter more prepared both physically and mentally for 2011. Take all these with a grain of salt, maybe modify a few, and remember that it’s the general concepts that are important.

Toolbox: Going Pro – Director’s Cut

So you want to be a pro? You’ve logged the miles, you’ve done the training, and you’ve read every Toolbox article ever written. So how do you take that final step towards a pro license? What separates a good cat 1 from a continental pro? Ultimately, it’s up to a team director like myself to make that decision.

Toolbox: Visualization

It’s easy, it’s free, and it works – for many. With visualization, you can build self-confidence, rehearse riding skills, simulate handling challenging situations, and approach the actual experience of achieving any of your goals…all in the cozy corners of your own mind. The mentally fit cyclist harnesses the power of the imagination to improve performance on the bike.

Crank Length – Does Size Really Matter?

Greater power and big wattage is what we’re all seeking on the bike with training. One way to achieve that is strictly through improving our biomechanical connection to the bike through a better bike fit. And with cycling being all about pedaling, one avenue may be through optimizing our crank length. What is the state of our knowledge concerning optimal crank length? Does size really matter?