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Toolbox: Lessons from the Road

Cycling is a big business and pro cyclists are rolling billboards for their sponsors. However, to a sport scientist or a discerning coach or athlete, top cyclists are also rolling labs on two wheels. That is, by analyzing their training and racing data, we can gain valuable insight into what contributes to their elite performance.

Toolbox: What’s In The BOX?

In a perfect world we would have time to cook and eat whole foods at every meal. However, that’s not always a reality for many athletes, especially when working full time and training. Often athletes who are on the road and looking for a bit more convenience, choose BOXED CEREAL for breakfast. It’s simple, it’s crunchy and it’s tasty. But what’s really in it and should it be in you?

Toolbox: Cyclocross Skill & Drills

‘Cross! Yea, I know…lots of the roadie readers are rolling their eyes right now, but I don’t care. Cyclocross is a fun and frenzied way to extend your racing season or simply keep some of the high intensity fitness that defined your race season. For the hardcore ‘crosser, this is their Nirvana! Let’s look at some skills and drills that will help you whichever side of the cyclocross conundrum you fall on…

Toolbox: Transition Time

October, and racers are working to put that final exclamation point on their season. For some this means they are on the cusp of a well deserved break from the arduous training and structure that has defined their summer. For others it is the start of the fitness ramp towards cyclocross! Either way your season is in transition, so what should you do to make the most of the coming weeks?

Toolbox: Exercise Induced Metabolic Acidosis

During the London Olympics, significant information came to light that is important in terms of our health and athletic performance. Exercise Induced Metabolic Acidosis or EIMA, focuses on excess hydrogen ion build up (excess acid in the cells). EIMA as a sports-related condition can impact performance, hydration, and recovery; especially when we train hard and compete aggressively.

Toolbox: Five Tips to Better Strategic Climbing

If there’s one thing that the three Grand Tours this year has taught us, it’s the overwhelming importance of solid climbing to stage racing success. At Il Giro, Ryder & Purito took turns being the attacker and being the steady diesel. Le Tour featured a Sky-high climbing clinic of riding so hard that nobody can attack. And now at La Vuelta, we’ve seen Contador, Purito, and Valverde giving awesome examples of climbing styles…

Toolbox: Sports Drinks – Who Needs What?

One of the things that La Vuelta is known for, besides it’s red-hot racing, is the red-hot thermometer from the heat of summertime Spain. With that comes the need to hydrate. Or does it? Let’s try to bring some rationale perspective to the whole idea of proper fluid replacement.

Toolbox: Feed the Machine

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an active racer, if you want to successfully hammer out long back to back big training rides or races, recovery will be an important part of the process! We’ve said it many times on Toolbox, but hard and smart training is just one part of the overall fitness equation – the best riders are those that can recover quickly and fully to hard efforts. What you feed yourself can certainly help to make or break that recovery process.

Toolbox: Things To Think About

As the rush of the Olympics slips away it’s easy to forget the detail and attention that goes into each performance. Watching elite athletes is always inspiring and while we often try to emulate their drive and focus in our own workouts and races, it’s easy to forget some of the big and small things that make up a groundbreaking performance.