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Achieve Your Cycling Goals Motivation

Toolbox: There are three things that impact how well you ride in training and races: your innate ability, the difficulty of the race (course, weather, field), and your motivation. Motivation is the only one of these that you can control, so that is where you should direct your focus and energy.

First Endurance EFS: Not Just Another Sports Drink

You know the sports drink market is becoming a marketing fad when even Kool-Aid is plugging a sports drink in the supermarket aisles. One company that continues to base their products on science rather than marketing is First Endurance, and their long-awaited Electrolyte Fuel System (EFS) adds to their arsenal of innovative racing nutrients…

Toolbox Bookshelf: Cycling Science

Having spent the better part of the last 30+ years engrossed in cycling, I know many of the book titles on offer and always look forward to each season’s new offerings. Few are authoritative in the manner of Human Kinetics’ recently published Cycling Science by Dr. Stephen Cheung and Dr. Mikel Zabala.


Wow. That was great. We had a massive response to our 24-hour sale on the remastered Hell Hath No Fury. As you know, we offered to give all the profit in the first 24 hours to support the upcoming documentary on women's racing. So, we are proud to announce that we've just donated, on behalf of all Sufferlandrians, $2,750 USD to Half the Road. Kathryn Bertine, the creator, was blown away by the generosity of Sufferlandrians and we are so thankful you helped us do this. Sufferlandrians rock.

Toolbox: Marketing Yourself

Marketing and advertising has been honed into an incredibly precise science through both trial and error along with psychological studies into what makes us tick. Why not use it to our advantage and adapt marketing ideas to make us better cyclists?

Toolbox: Lying to Ourselves

Many things go wandering through between our ears over the course of a time trial. We do our best to ignore the constant chorus of pain and agony. One way to do that is to tell ourselves some stories, like maybe we’re doing better than we actually are. Can lying to yourself make you faster?

Toolbox: Legal “Juicing”

We put demands on every aspect of our bodies as we pedal and push, break down and build back up, day after day and week after week. To consistently repair itself from this stress, the body requires nourishment from the diet. The more nourished you are the stronger, healthier and more resilient you will be.

Toolbox: Old Bikes, New Tricks & Better Life Circles

Long ago when dinosaurs still walked the earth (OK, the early 20th Century) and derailleurs were only sketches on paper napkins, cyclists rode fixed gears everywhere including the Alps and Pyrenees. The bikes were all made of steel tubing, aligned on a marble table and silver soldered together entirely by hand. Today, such bikes are considered objects of art, but should we look further at what they might do for us in the 21st Century?