What's Cool In Road Cycling

Riding The French Alps With ErgVideo

The ErgVideo team not only builds great software, but they travel to famous cycling destinations with a whole team to create their unique content. Their trip to some of cycling’s monumental climbs in the French Alps resulted in some of their best-ever ErgVideo editions.

ErgVideo 5: Adds Awesome New Smart Trainer Features For Free

ErgVideo - makers of some of the best reality-based cycling training videos anywhere, has introduced several new, easy-to-use, and free features including a smart-trainer platform that includes complete power-based training plans and workouts that require no purchase, and no subscription fees.

How ANT+ Wireless Compatibility Works

ANT is an ultra-low power (ULP) wireless protocol for sending information wirelessly from one device to another, so that your phone, bike computer, heart rate monitor, power meter and other training devices can talk to each other and allow technology to make your cycling (and life) better than ever. But how does it work?

ErgVideo 4.0 Training Software Review

ErgVideo has seen a bonanza of upgrades for 2015, including the new ErgVideo 4.0 software, Wahoo Kickr and Snap trainers compatibility, and new 1080p HD videos featuring famous climbs and cycling legend Scott Moninger.

ErgVideo Hunter Allen Series Review

Since 2007, the ErgVideo system of training with the CompuTrainer has been a staple of interactive indoor cycling training. The latest advance has been partnering with Peaks Coaching Group to develop the Hunter Allen Power Training ErgVideo series. We take the system for a virtual spin.

ErgVideo: Filming Hunter Allen’s Key Training Sessions

PEZ-Fans know ERGVideo as one of the premiere training video series, and the originators of power-based training videos using real rides & loads that scale to the user's own level. Just released for this season is their collaboration with training guru Hunter Allen, shot on the fine training roads around the Peaks Coaching Group' headquarters in Virginia.