What's Cool In Road Cycling

PEZ Goes to the Movies: Hvala Croatia

Once upon a time “bike touring” was exemplified in its ultimate form by English schoolteacher Anne Mustoe (1933-2009), who received a touring bicycle as a retirement present and, outfitted with panniers and considerable courage, she cycled leisurely around the world, The places she saw and the people she met were the material for a whole series of books. Today, “bike packing” is the thing and usually involves athletic young people, often with extensive tattoos and novel facial hair, riding…

PEZ Rides: Wahoo SYSTM On Location Training Videos

From a boring obligation when the weather was bad to a high-resolution interactive fun experience, indoor cycling has grown with technology to an amazing extent. One of the most advanced applications Wahoo SYSTM presents a varied palette for those spinning indoors and of these the “On Location” series offers a unique approach.

Why Don’t We Have a Current Lion Of Flanders?

Nikolai Razouvaev wants to know who the next 'Lion of Flanders' will be, and more importantly, will we ever see one again. Our Russian friend looks at how you qualify for this illustrious 'title' and if there are any possible candidates in the peloton today who could achieve something the great Eddy Merckx never did.

PEZ Bookshelf: Japanese Steel

The first printed books were meant to emulate hand-written manuscripts and since the days of Gutenberg we continue to admire fine publications. The Rizzoli company is noted for its quality works and has not disappointed with “Japanese Steel”, a celebration of “bike boom” two-wheelers that features superb presentation along with exquisite photos of bicycles you probably have never thought much about.