What's Cool In Road Cycling

Costa Blanca: The Time Machine

You don’t need an excuse to climb your favourite mountain road, but how much better is it to have a good reason to give it your all and find out your time? My local favourite; the Coll de Rates now has a permanent timing device with a result service web-site, so I had to find out more.

Rewel Bikes: Appreciating The Un-fabulous

The sensible is often undervalued in bike reviews because very few dream of buying reasonable, we want spectacular. We want to be admired for our insightful consumerism and matching kit. Yet more often than not, a practical racing bike is a great racing bike. For over 20 years, Werner Pichler aka Rewel has been making un-fabulous custom made titanium bikes in a tiny studio near Bolzano, Italy. PEZ discovers a refreshingly different bike builder.

Reflections On Doping From An Ex-Doper

It is said that a cat burglar designs the best security system and for this reason, Bike Pure sought the reformed doper, Joe Papp, to help us to talk about his checkered past and define solutions for the problem our wonderful sport has with drugs. Read on!

The Wounded Warrior Project: Soldier Rides 2009!

The Wounded Warrior Projects Soldier Ride provides rehabilitative cycling events for severely injured service members. Soldier Ride is not about politics. It's not about the war. It's simply about men and women who are recovering from serious injuries and overcoming extreme adversity.

Wheel Building: A Dodgy Idea Meets A Master

We all know that Cycling Йlan means understanding the subtle balance between tradition and technology. Sometimes the hazy boundaries need to be explored. Sometimes one has to ask a dumb question like, "can 25 year old rims be better than new ones?" PezGambler, Corey Sar Fox, wagers that they can be. He enlists an Italian master mechanic, Marco Balduzzi, to prove it. Along the way, Marco shares some of his special wheel building tips.

Eat To Compete: Prosciutto & Funghi Pizza

If you give commercial America enough time with anything, no matter how delicate and Italian it once was, it will probably turn it into something like, oh I don’t know, Pizza Hut’s newest monstrosity, the PANormous pizza. But since we at CulinaryCompetitor.com are in the business of shattering expectations of what healthy (or unhealthy) food can and should be, creations like that are exactly why pizza is one of our absolute favorite foods to make.

Eat To Compete: Belgian Mussels

When I think of the Northern Classics, I think of 3 things: Belgium, beer and frites. But if I was to make anything that resembled the riders’ diets over this couple of weeks it would contain far too much mud or dust to be palatable, let alone be a tasty, appealing meal. Luckily the Pez himself had a better idea: Mussels.

PEZ On The Prowl: PEZ Does Milano!

With a morning to spare before 'The Lance Show,' on Friday, we decided to PEZ Milano! Just a ten minute walk from our hotel there's a place of cycling legend; the Vel Vigorelli. The Vigorelli is part of cycling's rich history, world hour records were set here and the Tour of Lombardy used to finish on it's hallowed boards; until Milano's traffic went super nova.

PEZ Rides With Allan Davis!

My eyes are half shut, my hair is all over the place and I look like a fashion deprived wannabe British pop star as I open the door of my hotel room and head for the elevator. A few months before he'd win the 2009 Tour Down Under, Allan Davis has beaten me to it and already pushed the button...