What's Cool In Road Cycling

Wheel Building: A Dodgy Idea Meets A Master

We all know that Cycling Йlan means understanding the subtle balance between tradition and technology. Sometimes the hazy boundaries need to be explored. Sometimes one has to ask a dumb question like, "can 25 year old rims be better than new ones?" PezGambler, Corey Sar Fox, wagers that they can be. He enlists an Italian master mechanic, Marco Balduzzi, to prove it. Along the way, Marco shares some of his special wheel building tips.

Eat To Compete: Prosciutto & Funghi Pizza

If you give commercial America enough time with anything, no matter how delicate and Italian it once was, it will probably turn it into something like, oh I don’t know, Pizza Hut’s newest monstrosity, the PANormous pizza. But since we at CulinaryCompetitor.com are in the business of shattering expectations of what healthy (or unhealthy) food can and should be, creations like that are exactly why pizza is one of our absolute favorite foods to make.

Eat To Compete: Belgian Mussels

When I think of the Northern Classics, I think of 3 things: Belgium, beer and frites. But if I was to make anything that resembled the riders’ diets over this couple of weeks it would contain far too much mud or dust to be palatable, let alone be a tasty, appealing meal. Luckily the Pez himself had a better idea: Mussels.

PEZ On The Prowl: PEZ Does Milano!

With a morning to spare before 'The Lance Show,' on Friday, we decided to PEZ Milano! Just a ten minute walk from our hotel there's a place of cycling legend; the Vel Vigorelli. The Vigorelli is part of cycling's rich history, world hour records were set here and the Tour of Lombardy used to finish on it's hallowed boards; until Milano's traffic went super nova.

PEZ Rides With Allan Davis!

My eyes are half shut, my hair is all over the place and I look like a fashion deprived wannabe British pop star as I open the door of my hotel room and head for the elevator. A few months before he'd win the 2009 Tour Down Under, Allan Davis has beaten me to it and already pushed the button...

Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell Book Review

PEZ reviews Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell. As Greg Lemond famously said about cycling:” It doesn’t get any easier. You just get faster.” And for a sport that values the ability to suffer, the least easy of all races is Paris-Roubaix, variously feted as “the Queen of the Classics” and cursed as “the Hell of the North.”


Another hot ticket at Interbike this year was the launch of Scott Coady’s (The Tour, Baby!) latest filmed adventure – “Cobbles, Baby!” Scott’s growing legions of fans will no doubt be impressed, as we join Scott for a wild ride chasing the 2004 Paris-Roubaix in his now trade-mark style.

The French Connection: Giro 1960

Out of 88 Giro’s, 62 have had an Italian winner whereas the Tour has seen just 36 French wins out of 92 races. Every now and again the Giro organizers have tried to encourage great champions from other countries. Coming as it does just one month before Le Tour this has always been a difficult proposition.

PEZ Hails The Kermesse King

Question: You’ve got the post-Ardennes classics, Monday morning blues, what do you do? Answer: Find a kermesse, grab a pils and some frites and hope that the sun shines. What’s a kermesse? Pez-Man Ed Hood found, grabbed, and hoped the day after Liege…