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Giro 09

Giro Di PEZ: Wonderful Week One!

Post-Giro Roadside: The Centenary Giro has only been over for a few days, but my personal trip to the Corsa Rosa ended back on Stage 5. With two and a bit weeks back in the real world of ‘work’, that first week of fun could just as easily been last year. When The Pez asked the crew for a “Look Back” piece over our time on the race, I went digging back through the photos, notebooks and memories for a few more Giro stories that I didn’t share with you at the time.

Giro Di PEZ: One Last Dance In Rome

Roadside St.21: You didn't make it to Roma for the final time trial? No problem, we were there for you - that's our job! For one final stage of this year's Giro, PEZ was on the ground. Let's follow Ed and Dave on one final adventure, this time through the eternal streets of Rome. Read on!

Giro Di PEZ: Abruzziamo Charged Blockhaus

Roadside St.17: Only four men have won here, Eddy Merckx in 1967, Franco Bitossi in 1968, Jose Manuel Fuente in 1972 and Moreno Argentin in 1984. Respectively, the greatest cyclist ever; one of the finest classics riders of his generation; a genuine climbing legend and one of the kings of the Ardennes classics. The winner here, today will be no ordinary rider and he just may win the Giro too.

Giro Di PEZ: Mountains, Beaches, Rest, Pianos?

Roadside Rest Day: The Rest Day was a welcomed respite for racers and fans alike, but PEZ was hard at work on the ground. Ed Hood shifted into high gear on the race's final easy day to get the inside look at the resting riders' day, and of course, he chatted up Dario and Rubens. Read on!

Giro Di PEZ: A Day On Home Roads For Ale

Roadside St.16: There has to be something to be said for watching a huge race rolling over your own home roads, your stomping grounds if you will. It is a pleasure known to very few of us. PEZ's Italian correspondent, Alessandro Federico, enjoyed that distinct pleasure on Monday's Stage 16 - an incredibly hot and difficult journey to the top of Monte Petrano.

Giro Di PEZ: On The Road To Monte Petrano

Roadside St. 16: Kilometre zero and the climbing starts immediately, Monte della Serra, zig-zagging into the green hills; the mercury is already at 33 degrees and with 237 kilometres, four GPM climbs and not many metres of flat road, this is one serious stage. Ed Hood is on the road and ready to go. Let's go inside the ropes of Stage 16's monster of a stage!

Giro Di PEZ: A Hot May Day In Romagna

PEZ's favorite Italian on the scene, Ale Federico, is out and about on his home roads covering Italy's biggest race. He takes us in on the bubbling inter-Italian feuds, and then goes right to the middle of the hot action from Sunday's aggressive racing. Read on!

Giro Di PEZ: From Two Wheels To Four

There’s a reason we take the road less travelled … although on days like this, with the F-Bomb quotient nudging up higher than an Alpine climb, I think about the other journos, comfortably staked out in the press room, enjoying the buffet lunch, tapping out reports as they watch the stage on the big screens… while I’m sitting motionless in an exhaust filled tunnel, somewhere above Genova…

Giro Di PEZ: A Morning In Innsbruck

Roadside St.7 It's not every day, or every year, or every decade that a Grand Tour comes knocking on your front doorstep. For some reason, I drew the straw this year for that once in a lifetime opportunity: the Giro came to my town. Innsbruck, Austria is my home, and Innsbruck hosted the start of today's Stage 7.