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Giro d’Italia 2006

EuroTrash Tuesday!

The wait is over, the season is real. The opening weekend in Belgium provided terribly difficult racing, some surprises, big Belgian disappointment, and a lot of stories. The lovers of hills got their due in Switzerland and teh Giro di Sardegna wrapped. So take a few minutes and catch up on all that's worth catching up on.

EuroTrash Thursday!

Say Arrivederci to the Giro as it’s almost Bonjour to Le Tour. We’ve got the latest on the ASO/UCI punch-up as well as the tune up events in Luxembourg and France. Stateside, it’s Philly and a full-up Nature Valley as well as Johan serving up some bedtime reading. It’s a global ET and it’s full today.

Grappa di PEZ: One Last Glass

The thing about chasing Grand Tours is that there is never just ‘one’ thing that makes them special. They’re an incredible series of incredible events, compressed into a small window in time. In witnessing the lives of others, you also think about your own. If you’re lucky enough to join the fray like I did for the final week, you better be ready for an exhilarating, exhausting adventure…

Giro06 St21: Forster Finally, Basso Forever.

After the atrocity that befell virtually all riders over yesterday's horrendous stage, the final jaunt into Milano had to have been looked forward to like an 8-year-old looks to Christmas. There would be no split stage this year, just a hectic bunch sprint in downtown Milano.

Mortirolo PEZ: Extreme Situation!

We saved the biggest day for last, and today was E P I C. We rode over the Passo Gavi AND the Mortirolo, and survived. After 7 hours, over 3 hours of climbing, 110km, and some serious pain, I can say that was one of the best rides ever… check this out…

Giro06 St.19 – 7+ Hours And A Pat On The Back

The Giro stood up on its hind legs today and dealt haymakers to the peloton today, forcing the riders over a demanding 224km, covering several formidable mountains and ending with the vaunted, mystical Passo di San Pellegrino, an 18km climb, with an average grade of 6.2% and a strength-sapping max of 15%. Luckily for the riders, at least they had the weather in their favor, as the skies were sunny and the temperatures agreeable.

PEZ Rides The Marmolada & Pordoi!

It’s been a tough last week at the Giro, but tomorrow’s Stage 19 from Pordenone to San Pellegrino is a brute – chucking in 4 huge steep climbs over 224 km to a summit finish. Today we rode the two middle climbs of Passo Fedaia over the Marmolada, and the Passo Pordoi, to see just how tough it’s gonna be…

Giro06 St.18 – Schumi Does It Again!

The Giro pressed on today, with Ivan Basso sitting pretty in the Maglia Rosa, through the Julian Alps and a brief stint in Austria, before zipping town into Gemona. If there is a veritable "rest day" in these final days in the Alps, today qualifies. The 2006 Giro hasn't been kind to breakways, but today just might prove one for a brave group of souls.

Grappa di PEZ: From Bondone To Snow

It’s the second day of Dolomite destruction as we chase il Giro, and as the weather turned rotten, the mighty PEZ-Crew’s improv skills were put to test as we devised the best plans B, C, and finally D to stay on track and report the last couple of day’s action from Monte Bondone…