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Giro Di PEZ: Top Ride Levanto

The 2015 Giro d'Italia starts in Liguria - one of my favorite regions of la bell'Italia. I've spent some quality time here and can attest the area is filled with excellent rides along the coast and into the mountains that define it. This ride from Levanto to Sestri Levante is a classic.

Giro Di PEZ: The Race Of The Lasts

Post-Giro Roadside: This year I chased just three stages. I chose the three stages closest to home for me, in the centre of Italy, on the Adriatic side. At the end these three days, they had been the warmest days of the entire Giro; we have never had it so hot in May. Now it’s colder and those days seem so far in the past. Was it just a dream?

Giro Di PEZ: Ed And Dave Look Back

Post-Giro Roadside: I love Scotland; but there’s no Gazzetta in the morning, most of the coffee tastes like John Wayne brewed it beside the Rio Grande and 19 million people watched the same reality TV show on Saturday night - thank God I was at the Giro. The Giro, ah, yes; where all that matters is the race - stars, water carriers, heroes and a few villains.

Giro di PEZ: Week 2 Outtakes!

Post-Giro Roadside: Two weeks can be a long time, unless you’re chasing a Grand Tour. I flew over to cover the Giro’s second week, and crammed a trunk full of memories into my short time there – here’s a bunch that didn’t make it into my reports, but shall forever be enjoyed when I look back to 2009.

Giro Di PEZ: My New Best Bud

After any adventure to cover the great races of our sport, there’s always one story I can’t wait to write – about an experience so amazing, that it must be shared – with as many people as possible. The telling and retelling takes me back to a moment that passed all too quickly, but left an impression that both surprised me by its intensity, and also restored some faith in human nature.

Giro Di PEZ: Gilbert Saves The Giro

Roadside St.20: The Rough Guide to Italy says of Naples; ‘it is filthy, it is very large and overbearing; it is crime infested and most definitely like nowhere else in Italy.’ One team DS told us; ‘this is not Italy!’

PEZ KIT: Back for Summer!

The full line of our classic PEZ kit is back online just in time for summer. Jerseys, bibs, socks, arm warmers, knee warmers and more are in stock and ready to ship from our new retail partner Backcountry.com.

Giro’09: Saturday Morning Pre-Race Chatter

Roadside St.20: "Haven't you said enough about the Giro?" says Dave; "shouldn't we be out listening to what other folks have to say about this race?" Yeah, yeah - now I've got two bosses! I listened to Dave though and set about talking with as many guys as I could get my pen and pad in front of before today's stage start.

Giro Di PEZ: Description – Active Volcano!

Roadside St.19: It's time for one last mountaintop finish boys and girls. Height: 1000 metres above sea level. Length: 13 kilometres. Elevation: 967 metres from a starting height of 33 metres. Average grade: 7.4%. Maximum grade: 12%. Description: Active volcano. But, we have to get there first.