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The Giro’s Saddest Day

Giro 2011 Roadside St.3: Cycling is a cruel mistress, she takes you to the highest highs and sometimes, the lowest of lows. Most days we drive the corsa, see the fans, the beauty of Italy and soak up the atmosphere. But we also try to take you inside the race, even on this saddest of days at the Giro.

Roadside Retro PEZ: Giro’11 – Nibali Day On Etna!

Retro Roadside Giro'11 Stage 9: The 2018 Giro d'Italia has moved on from Israel and is now on the Island of Sicily, Yesterday's stage 6 saw the peloton attacked monster climb of Mount Etna. Back in 2011 Ed Hood was roadside to see Alberto Contador finish the day as the volcano victor.

Best of PEZ: All Hail The Zoncolan

Best of PEZ: A controversial day at the Giro with the late change of route upsetting more than just the local organisers, who had worked hard to ensure the Crostis climb was ready. There was heat, there was hail and there was polemica. All in all it was another great day at the Giro d'Italia.

Travel: PEZ Joins Thomson Tours at the Giro

After several years of telling PEZ-Fans about Thomson Bike Tours’ trips chasing the big rides and races in Europe, it was time to experience one for myself. My arrival to cover the final week of the 2011 Giro coincided perfectly with their Giro KOM trip, and its promise of several days of climbing some big climbs.

Giro Redux: Finally The Food!

I’m finally dug out from booking cars and sorting our TDF coverage, with just enough time to sort the last of my favorite and as yet unseen memories from this year’s Giro. And one thing that is never disappoints about the Giro - is the food.

Giro Redux: Pez Looks Back

Roadside Look Back: After covering the Giro for the last 7 years, this most recent sojourn seemed different. They’re all unique, but things happen too fast when we’re chasing the race day by day… so a look back through my 1500+ photos was proof that I did a lot more than I thought, and was a welcome reminder of how much fun any trip to the Giro can be.

Giro’11 Redux: Matt Looks Back

It’s no secret that for many of the crew here at PEZ, the Giro comes in at number 1 for their favourite race of the year and that is definitely true for me as well. This year’s Giro experience was very brief in comparison to my PEZ duties of recent years, but I still feel lucky that I was able to sneak off work, leave the kids at home with the ever-understanding better half and hang out at the Corsa Rosa for what were three very tough days for the boys on the bikes.

Giro’11 Redux: Ed Looks Back

The Giro – all that scenery, the whole world in pink, lovely ladies, amazing food and wine, sunshine, grappa... It’s easy to wax lyrical about the Giro; but this year... Ed Hood casts a stern eye at the Giro that was.

Giro di Pez: And THAT Is A Wrap!

Roadside St.21: I comment every year how taxing it is - physically & mentally - chasing this race and doing daily roadside coverage like we do – and for good reason – the truth is that sometimes this job ain’t quite as glamourous as it might seem. As much fun as it is – and it is – it can be tough.