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PEZ Jerseys: Even Better Than Plastic!

Yup – it may be hard to believe, given the amazing lifelike-ness of this plastic mini PEZ-Man, but we’re confident you’ll look even better wearing your own custom PEZCYCLING Jersey.

PEZ Jerseys: Serious Business

When you’re one of the big bosses in pro cycling there’s little time to joke around. Good thing for the rest of us life needn’t be quite so ‘serious’- and what perfect way to claim your happiness than the ever-cheerful PezCycling Jersey by Bergamo. They’re available at GloryCycles.com , Buy one today and crack a smile!


The very cool, always custom PezCycling News jerseys by Bergamo are now available at GloryCycles.com . The freshest batch has just arrived from Italy - with ALL SIZES in stock - order some today!