What's Cool In Road Cycling

Lazer Blade: Belgian Head Since 1919

Lazer have been knocking out protection gear for 96 years. They sharpen the existing Blade a little, keep the form factor similar to their top line lid (the Z1) and do it all for a dollar less than the number of years in business.

Giro Savant MIPS: Great Head

Very few have the cycling helmet knowledge to rival Giro. Already known for high safety and performance levels, Giro have partnered with MIPS to add some slippery, concussion mitigating tech to the new Savant.

Rudy Project Wing57 Helmet Review

Billed as the world's fastest and most aerodynamic Aero-Tri helmet the Rudy Project Wing57 has a big reputation. Our racer in France, Chris Selden recently got his hands on one for this extended test.

Great Head: Giro Ionos Helmet Review

Tough job for Giro… Trying to one up what many feel is the nicest helmet in the peloton in their own Atmos was no easy task, but they did the job with the new (though we’ve been tempted with ‘em for a year now) Ionos… Here’s how we see (or feel) it.