What's Cool In Road Cycling

Toolbox: Making God Laugh

A training diary is a treasure trove of information on everything you’ve ever done on the bike. From keeping a diary, you can track every watt you’ve ever poured into the pedals, and then dissect it every which way to Sunday with multiple types of scientific analyses. But never lose sight of the fact that cycling is a journey, and your diary can be a great repository of information and memories beyond the Xs and Os…

Toolbox: Gears are Just the Beginning

Imagine yourself in the Alps or maybe the Rockies, long before the word derailleur had been invented, struggling on a single fixed gear. Now consider the array of equipment choices we have today, praise the innovators, and read more about how we can make the pain more tolerable by better understanding how to use the tools.

Toolbox: Winter Fun – Oxymoron?

The answer definitely is NO…the secret is don’t call it training. For those of us Sun Worshippers, the recent news fact that 49 of the 50 United States currently have snow on them somewhere seems like a bit of a disaster. But, the idea of turning a disaster into something positive has long been a favorite personal theme.

Toolbox: Motorpacing Lessons from the Salt Flats

Attorney and former professional cyclist Bob Mionske says, “Don’t do it!” Traffic codes universally discourage it, and most rational individuals would consider it ill-advised. If that’s the case, what is the appeal of motor pacing?

Toolbox: Street Survival

Many people are afraid to get on a bicycle because they are uncomfortable riding in traffic. Motorists may honk with annoyance at cyclists, often leaving the rider confused about what aggravated the driver in the first place. Most cyclists will tolerate traffic but may be uncertain how to behave or react in different situations. What can you do to minimize your risk when riding a bicycle in traffic?