What's Cool In Road Cycling
hunter allen

Special 2.5-Day Skills Clinic in Virginia’s Gorgeous Blue Ridge

"Want to up your cycling skills??? WE have a half day of descending repeats scheduled on a three-mile, curvy, 8% grade descent! Yes, we are going to teach you to corner--then shuttle you up to the iconic Peaks of Otter where you get to descend learning more each time. How many times do you want to go down!? It's like a ski-lift for cycling! Yippee!!!"

Hunter Allen Hates Cyclocross!

So much so that we're having an awesome coaching special for CX season! $599 for three months--includes one-time start-up fee! And in case you're looking for something other than world-class personalized coaching, then look over our discounted CX training plans!

HUNTER ALLEN Explains ‘Race Video Analysis’ Training Plans

Renowned cycling coach Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching, recently launched their new "Race Video Analysis" program, where riders can submit on-board race videos and power data files for break down and advice from a Peaks Coaching certified cycling coach. We connected on Skype for the low-down on this cool new way to improve your cycling performance.