What's Cool In Road Cycling

Can Intervals Help With Weight Loss Post-Workout?

As a cyclist, you're no stranger to the exhilaration of the open road, the rhythm of the pedal strokes, and the pursuit of peak performance. But did you know that the benefits of your ride can extend beyond the road? In this toolbox article, we will learn more about excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and see if it’s a helpful tool for weight loss, or just a trendy fitness buzzword.

Repeatability: How Many Matches to Burn?

TOOLBOX: A common slang with bike racing is talking about burning matches, with each hard effort burning a match until you eventually run out of them and are cooked and dropped. While this analogy is popular, what is the actual science behind repeatability of efforts?

VO2 Priming Before Hard Intervals

VO2 priming, also known as pre-conditioning, is a training technique utilized in sports performance to optimize aerobic capacity and enhance endurance. By engaging in brief, high-intensity exercise prior to the main training session or competition, athletes aim to stimulate physiological adaptations that improve the body's ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently during subsequent exercise.

Hard Intervals: What’s Best For You?

Like it or not, riding the indoor trainer can allow you to really control your workout and dial in intervals exactly as you want them without the worries of finding ideal terrain or dealing with traffic. So, which intervals should you do and for what purpose?