What's Cool In Road Cycling

Robin Williams Rides With PEZ!

He has an Oscar and a Grammy. He’s been called “the funniest man alive.” He’s a friend of Lance. He’s also a dedicated cyclist, and his riding is like his comedy… you never know what’s next. We caught up with Robin Williams at the Tour of Marin… and now he's been PEZ'd!

Michael Barry: Talks To PEZ!

When Discovery Channel team announced major changes to their line-up for 2007, the details surprised many riders and fans alike. Gone are many of the stars and support riders who've been with the team for years, including veteran Michael Barry. We caught up with Michael in Switzerland before the start of the Giro di Lombardia, his final race for Discovery.

Greg LeMond: The PEZ-Clusive Interview!

Greg LeMond returned to the Lehigh Valley as the keynote speaker for the International Cycling Center and U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame 2006 awards. Ten years after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame Greg looks great and had lots to say as we hooked up for this PEZ-Clusive interview…

PEZ Interviews: Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson’s bike racing career has had its twists and turns, and a few near-pro crashes. But you’d never know it from hanging out with the popular New Englander, who seems to always land on his feet – usually with a grin. PEZ’ talked with Tim on the eve of the first weekend of the U.S. Grand Prix of Cyclocross in cross-crazy Gloucester (rhymes with “LOB-stah”), Massachusetts.

Interview: Eddy Merckx Talks to PEZ!

The man they called “the Cannibal” is still hungry. Eddy Merckx, perhaps the greatest cyclist of all time, led a 35-mile charity ride through scenic Marin County to benefit the Oak Hill School in Marin City (www.theoakhillschool.org) for children with autism and other neurologically based development issues. Right before leading the pack out on the road, Merckx talked one-on-one with PEZ.

PEZ Interviews: Graham Watson

So, I'm sitting tapping the keys in the press room and this dude sits down next to me - Graham Watson, the ace cycling photographer; there's no way he's getting away from me! So PEZ's Edmond Hood got out his trusty pen and paper and let his weary hands get hold of a yet another fantastic story.

PEZ Interviews: Graeme Brown

PEZ recently caught up with Graeme Brown, Rabobank’s super fast Aussie sprinter just before the time trial at the recent Tour of Germany. World class road sprinter, track superstar, dual Olympic gold medalist and world record holder on the track, what hasn’t he done in his career?

PEZ Interviews: Paul Kimmage

One of the most famous names in the anti-dope crusade is ex-pro Paul Kimmage, who’s 1990 book ‘Rough Ride’ was one of the first to blatantly expose doping in pro cycling. Now a successful journalist with the Sunday Times of London, PEZ was curious to hear his thoughts about the Landis affair.

PEZ Interviews: Paul Sherwen on Doping

As journalists we’re supposed to present a balanced view of our sport, but sometimes it’s hard, especially considering the events surrounding this year’s Tour de France. Today we went a long way to try and get a balanced view – all the way to Uganda to talk to a man who can always be relied upon to give a thoughtful perspective – Paul Sherwen.