What's Cool In Road Cycling

Retro Collection: Quay Cycles in Drogheda

It was the Giro that made Austin Walsh do it - Invest so much time and money into his collection of cycling memorabilia which now threatens to overwhelm his bike shop. The Italian race started on the Emerald Isle in 2014 and Austin was so smitten by ‘The Pink Race’ that he decided to turn the bike shop, which he’s run since 1995, into a bike racing shrine.

PEZ Interviews: Paul Kimmage

One of the most famous names in the anti-dope crusade is ex-pro Paul Kimmage, who’s 1990 book ‘Rough Ride’ was one of the first to blatantly expose doping in pro cycling. Now a successful journalist with the Sunday Times of London, PEZ was curious to hear his thoughts about the Landis affair.