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At The Giro With My Daily Distraction

At PEZ, we look forward to reader submissions, even moreso when it's a story about following our favorite Grand Tour with lifetime Distraction in tow. Craig Gartland was lucky enough to enjoy the Giro's ninth stage, which took in the mighty Monte Grappa. Here's his story.

Toolbox: Lactic Acid Explained, Part 2

It is a common misnomer that Lactic Acid is the cause of fatigue and cessation of high intensity exercise, yet training plans built around your individual Lactate Threshold are highly effective despite the debunking of the “Lactic Acidosis” rationale. Let’s learn why…

PEZ Talk: Christian Meier And Bayern

To conclude our series of ‘there’s other life out there, apart from the Giro, Jim’ we travel to Bavaria where former Canadian elite road champion, Garmin’s Christian Meier rode the Bayern Rundfahrt – the Tour of Bavaria.

PEZ Talk: GP Plumelec Winner, Wesley Sulzberger

Whilst we recover from one of the best Giros in years, it's easy to forget that there were other races being fought out across Europe at the same time. One of those races was in fact won by a talented, young 'Anglo,' FdJ's Wesley Sulzberger.

Giro di Pez: All Aboard The Saxo Bus!

Roadside PEZ: The team bus is the home away from home for the riders on Tour. Every night a new hotel room, every day a new start town and a different finish location, but with the bus along for the ride, they know that there will always be a warm shower, a hot coffee, some great music and the chance to relax in comfort on the short or (more often than not) long transfer to the umpteenth new hotel of the race.

Roadside Hits: Epic Redefined

Roadside St. 7: Maybe I don't have the words, perhaps it needs one of the old time journos, a JB Wadley or a Marcel de Leener - they could express things in the terms required for an epic such as this. But at the same time, whilst the organizers have created a grand spectacle, a saga out of Norse Legend, is it still sport? Does it go beyond that to sadism or freak show?

Giro di Pez: Making It Real in Verona

Roadside St. 21B: Sunday’s Giro d'Italia finale in Verona was the first time I’d seen a grand tour conclude in such a magnificent setting, where an ancient Roman stadium was filled with thousands of fans cheering for two-wheeled gladiators. I was backstage as the final clock stopped and the awards were presented. I’ve never seen anything like it…

Giro di Pez: V, V, V… Myyy Verona!

Roadside St. 21: The Giro has just wrapped (minutes ago) – and I’ll go on record as saying this has been one of my best days ever at the race. Too much happened for just one report, so I’m gonna get it started with how this amazing day took shape…