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Giro di Pez: The Direct(or) Approach!

Roadside Stage 17: Today's 17th stage from Brunico to Peio Terme is one of three big climbing days remaining in this year's Giro d'Italia. After a few changes and some time gains in yesterday's TT, it was into the start village to see what those in the know, thought it all meant.

Giro di Pez: A Plan (de Corones) Comes Together!

Roadside Stage 16: It took the whole day for the Giro d'Italia peloton to ride one at a time up the 12.9km climb to Plan de Corones. The good part for the fans was they had all day to bask in the sunshine and soak up the atmosphere of one of the best days of the Giro d'Italia of 2010.

Giro Di PEZ: Kronplatz Kapers!

Rest Day Roadside: Welcome to a different Italy where the people speak German, the chalets look Austrian and the roads are twisting, narrow and in some places, unpaved. Don't let any of that fool you however, as the people up here get ready to prove tomorrow that their national colours are still red, white, green and PINK!

Giro di Pez: On Top Of The World!

Roadside Stage 15:The Finish of Stage 15 at the top of the Monte Zoncolan turned out to be everything that had been anticipated and more. From the Mountains to the Sea is one of the catch phrases here in Friuli, so what better way to experience this northern region of Italy than by doing both.

Giro di Pez: A Day Tailored To Perfection!

Roadside St. 14:What started as a failed attempt to climb a mountain, ended up with PEZ taking a trip to the tailors to see about a custom fitting. Sounds strange, but bear with us as Matt takes over Roadside duties as the Giro d'Italia heads into the mountains.

Giro di PEZ: The Fallout From A Unique Day

Former New Zealand champion and current Tyler Farrar 'pilot fish par excellence' at Garmin, Julian Dean put it best; "I've had a long career in this sport and never seen anything like it happen, before." Referring of course to Stage 12's 56 man break which at one time had 18 minutes on the race favorites and which left the GC and form book torn up in pieces on the floor.

Giro di PEZ: The Quiet Land (Between The Storms)

Roadside St. 12 A day far from job and family issues, a day chasing the Giro with bike, the fast race and a quiet, remote town lost in the middle of Italy. Stage 12 heads north on a route that leaves one of the last chances to the sprinters. The hard days are coming soon and the sun gives the opportunity for a breath. Let’s see how it happened.

Giro Talk: PEZ Favorite, Rubens Bertogliati

He may just be the hardest working man in the Giro peloton - he was second to Matt Lloyd on stage 6 after their breakaway; he tried a do or do escape in the last 900 metres of stage 9 and on stage 11 to L'Aquila he was in the break that did all the damage but dropped back to aid team captain Scarponi in ultimately fruitless pursuit. He's former Tour de France yellow jersey and current Swiss time trial champion, Rubens Bertogliati.

Giro di Pez: Did That Just Happen?

Roadside St. 11: "Surreal" is a word that's over used by journalists, but for the two of us to be standing in the cold rain beside the wet tarmac of the Capo di Valle climb on stage 11 of this Giro watching the favorites lose 15 minutes with not a fan in sight, the thunder roaring above us, the smell of the mountain herbs in our nostrils - I can't think of a better word…