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DTour06 St7: Unstoppable Mr. Voigt

Stage 7 in the Deutschland tour, it’s the time trial and the classification honours are on the line. Jens Voigt, the German powerhouse has proved unstoppable so far in the tour, can he continue his run of wins into the time trial?

MailBag: It Sucks

We should be relaxing on a sunny ride, satisfied that July was one of the best Tours ever, but not one cycling fan I know is in high spirits. Our feelings run from disbelief, to sympathy, to disappointment and even complete rejection… Of course I speak of the current dope scandal, and it’s been the big topic in MailBag…

Post Danmark Rundt: Preview & Stage 1!

Dude….somebody pissed off Thor the Nordic god of thunder... and he pissed on the peloton the entire day in the opening stage of the Tour of Denmark. Just like last year, the rain was torrential and the forecast for the rest of the week looks to be more of the same.

Vattenfall06: Freire, Zabel, Pippo On The Line!

The ProTour has one-day fever again as the peloton battles it out in Germany for the newly renamed, ‘Vattenfall Cyclassics’. Formerly a World Cup event, now on the ProTour, the race was known as HEW Cyclassics up until this year. The racing should be fierce, as Vattenfall is the first big test for the one-day specialists since Liege in April!

PEZ Previews: HEW, er, Vattenfall Cyclassics 2006

It seems like the next big race is always right around the corner. This Sunday, the one-day ProTour races begin anew - the first stop: Hamburg, for the newly titled Vattenfall Cyclassics. It might not be steeped in history or terribly glamorous, but there's not a Pro that wouldn't give an arm to take a win here.

Floyd Landis Speaks To The Press

Floyd Landis has been quiet over the last few days giving barely a statement as to his position on the abnormal finding in testosterone levels after arguably one of the most spectacular stage wins in Tour de France history. Landis spoke to the press this evening in Madrid and made a few things known.

PEZ In The Mix: Belgian Nats 2006

The Tour over-shadowed everything this year, especially with speculation about how it would be ‘pas de Lance’ and then the ‘Operacion Puerto’ scandal before the race had even started. Lost in the hype were the results of the various National Championships, held the weekend prior to ‘le depart.’ One of the fresh new champion’s jerseys missing from Strasbourg was that of Belgium – how come?

Cycling Medicine: Acute Overuse of the Legs

In the rush to cram cycling into our busy lifestyles, recovery is typically the first thing that gets thrown out the window. After all, it’s easy to prescribe training programs but more difficult to prescribe, or adhere to, recovery programs. Dr. Rick Rosa returns with a cautionary tale about what happens when we push our bodies too far by trying to do it all…

TDF06 Stg 20: Yellow Floyd – Number One In Paris!

It’s another American success in Paris – somehow there were no more bizarre twists or turns today, and Floyd Landis navigated the final stage without mishaps to score his maiden Tour de France win. Given the amount of time he spent chatting with other riders in the peloton today, I think his win seems a pretty popular one.