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MailBag: Readers Respond on Doping

Nothing opens up the email lines like a good comment on doping, and Ed Hood’s plan for rider rehab sparked off a toasty blaze of opinions from all directions. We toss in some overdue Tour mail and comments on our ToolBox – and it’s the fattest mailbag ever!

Search PEZ: So Much Content, So Little Time!

It’s Sunday and we’re out riding, but that’s no reason to deny your daily fix of the pro cycling entertainment you crave! The PEZ SEARCH Engine makes it easy to fill your fix – instantly scanning over 5000 searchable cycling stories in our vast PezCycling databanks. So come on - give it a try… Right now!

PEZ-Clusive: All Aboard The QuickStep Bus!

What is 12 metres long, cost Ј350,000 and develops 420 brake horse power? The PEZ yacht? No! The QuickStep team bus, of course! We caught-up with bus 'chauffeur' and fellow-Scot, James Alexander at the Cahors dиpart.

PEZ Remembers: Ryan Cox

South Africa's Ryan Cox passed away early Wednesday morning, and a pall has descended once again on the world of cycling, but it's in the words of his friend Sean Sullivan that really bring his passing to stark, sad reality.

Tour De PEZ: Absolutely Mental!

Occasionally you witness something that will stick with you forever, today for all the right reasons was just such a day for me, as the worlds biggest sporting event unfolded slap bang in the middle of London. The only superlative I can find for the occasion really is 'mental' in the nicest sense of the word.

Night Time Racing Hits London!

Londoners got a taste from the 'hors-d'oeuvre' menu of cycling on Saturday night, experiencing the fantastic atmosphere that the upcoming Tour de France will produce when they turned up in the thousands to witness the first ever Smithfield Nocturne night-time pro criterium.

Top Rides: Portland, Oregon

Stumptown. The River City. Bridge Town. These are all names for what some call the finest cycling city in the United States: Portland, Oregon. While the state itself plays host to “Cycle Oregon” – a week long adventure to wow riders of all skill levels with rides like Bridge Pedal, Worst Day of the Year Ride and many others, the crown jewel city of the state, Portland, is one fine town in which to ride your bike.

Tour Replay: Back 20 Years To The Ventoux

It's just gone 2.00 am and we've had to abandon the tent and crawl into the mini-bus, the water in the plastic one gallon containers has frozen solid - Alaska? Welcome to Mount Ventoux, Provence, France; 12 hours later the sun feels like a blow lamp playing on your skin. It's the 1987 Tour de France and there's everything to play for - let's go back a smooth 20 years and enjoy the action anew.

PEZ MailBag: Digging Deep

It’s been too darn long since we opened up the ol’ PEZ MailBag. So on a sloppy Monday, I’m digging deep to offer up a selection of the finest in reader-written comments from the past few months… these are good!