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PEZ Mailbag: Burping & Bubbling

It’s been a long while since we last opened up the ol’ PEZ MailBag. But like a festering fermenting bag of blab, the savoury sack spewed forth a tangy tangle of tastey tidbits from readers just like you – but who actually took the time to send us a letter!

Grenoble06: Six Day Tech

No other bike in pro racing gets as much time lavished upon it as a Six Day machine. A good mechanic needs a couple of hours per bike per day to do the job properly. On the face they're simple devices, with no brakes or gears to worry about. But these rigs are subject to the highest stresses with constant high speed, sudden changes of direction and those unforgiving G-forces from the steep bankings every couple of seconds.

PEZ Interviews: Paolo Bettini

Sometimes it's difficult to get an interview, especially if your target is World Road Race champion, Paolo Bettini, he has a Quick Step entourage with him and he's testing his new bike for 2007. But us PEZ guys are persistent and after stalking him all afternoon I was granted five minutes of his precious time. Paolo's compatriot and team mate for the race, a former Grenoble six-day winner himself, Marco Villa helped with the interpreting.

Grenoble Six: Nights Five And Six

The final two nights have come and gone and all that remains are the story and pictures from yet another Six Day tended to by the inimitable Edmond Hood. Mr. Hood takes us back track-side for the final third of the Grenoble Six, a thrilling race only decided in the final madison.

Grenoble Six: Nights Three And Four

Ed Hood is at it again as we roll through the middle third of the Grenoble Six. His sleeping hours are comparable to a toddler's age, but his stories are only picking up steam. In this dispatch the the tales are plentiful: from Track God Patrick Sercu, to police chases, to crashes, all the way to Alpe d'Huez.

Grenoble Six: Days 1 And 2

Ed Hood is once again doing the thankless job of Runner at the Grenoble Six, but though it's low paying and the hours endless, can you imagine a better way to get in on the action? Mr. Hood takes us directly into the fray for a recap of Days 1 and 2.

Grenoble Six: The Story So Far

The 2006/7 six-day season kicked-off in late September at Maastricht in Holland. From there the grand tour of the great tracks of Europe begins and continues into the Spring. PEZ takes a look at the Six Day season so far and gets the story of the Grenoble Six started: PEZ-Man Ed Hood is once again in the trenches.

Top Rides: The Climb to Madonna del Ghisallo

This weekend’s Giro di Lombardia is as great a race as it is under-rated. A true “climbers” classic – it runs around the stepp & picturesque shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. It won't decide the ProTour, but for any self-respecting Italian, winning this race is second only to Milan-San Remo. The deciding move usually starts on the tough ascent to the fabled Madonna del Ghisallo church. This is a ride you gotta do…

Zuri-Metzgete: The Historical Look

The Rainbow Jersey has been won by Bettini and lost by everybody else, but there's still work to do. There are three classics to fight for, The Championship of Zurich, Paris-Tours and the final Monument of the year - the Giro di Lombardia. First up is Zurich and PEZ gives a little history of those 240 kilometeres around the hills close to the city of gnomes and bank vaults.