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ATOC 09: Race Day Minus 1

TOC Roadside: Greetings, PEZ-Fans, from Sacramento, state capital of California, and site of the prologue for the 2009 Amgen Tour of California! We’ve got boots on the ground to bring you the best coverage off-the-beaten-path. Today we talked with George, Thor, Master Phil and many more. Read on!

PEZ Previews: Stage 1 Of The Tour Of California!

Stage One of the 2009 Amgen Tour of California (AToC) on February 15 is an eclectic sampler of Northern California cycling. From pan-flat farmland to rocky canyons, fields of flowers, and meandering vineyard paths that end in abrupt 20% climbs. With camera and notebook in hand, we rode the 107 miles from Davis to Santa Rosa.

Eat To Compete: Steak Fajitas with Guacamole & Mexican Rice

I say there are few foods more Californian than, err, Mexican food, and with the right recipe and ingredients, you can kick that “grease soaking through the bag” mental image of takeout Mexican food. This month’s offerings are simple, healthy, appropriate for the training cyclist, and mucho tasty…

Mediterranean Redux: Graham Jones Remembers!

Early season races in Australia, Argentina, Qatar - what's the world coming to? When I grew up and raced up in the 70's and 80's, the early season stage race that real men rode was the Tour of the Mediterranean. Check the role call, Eddy Merckx, Roy Schuiten, Gerrie Knetemann, Phil Anderson, Toni Rominger - and, in 1981, Stefan Mutter of Swiss outfit Cilo Aufina. Second to the classy Swiss was a man who has graced our browsers before, Britain's Graham Jones - lookin' good in the elegant black…

ToC Preview: Climbing Sierra Road

Stage 3 of the 2009 Tour of California runs 104 miles (167km) from San Jose to Modesto, and unlike other years, tackles to steep and nasty Sierra Road right from the gun. Always a race breaker, it could be a launch pad for a long break this time. I rode the climb in 2007 and endured measurable personal suffering on it's slopes...

Inside The Copenhagen Six: Danish Triumph!

Alcazar's 'Crying at the discotheque' may have been the soundtrack to Alex Rasmussen's huge attack in the closing minutes of the 2009 Six Days of Copenhagen; but the only tears shed some 17 laps later were those of joy as home boy, 'Razi' and his Denmark and Saxo Bank 'other half,' Michael Morkov sent the full house home happy from Ballerup Super Arena.

PEZ Rides With Allan Davis!

My eyes are half shut, my hair is all over the place and I look like a fashion deprived wannabe British pop star as I open the door of my hotel room and head for the elevator. A few months before he'd win the 2009 Tour Down Under, Allan Davis has beaten me to it and already pushed the button...

Inside The Copenhagen Six: Dane Mania!

Susie, my chow chow would love these meat balls, cold, greasy, smelly with around one percent meat content; it’s a pity she’s not here - but think how awful it would be if she bit Danny Stam. Dinner time at the restaurant; day one the food was cool, but as the week goes on, the menu refuses to budge and the temperature of the food drops; ‘not good for riders to eat cold pasta,’ says Ronnie our number two soigneur...

Inside The Copenhagen Six With Ed Hood!

Marvulli goes with four laps to go, he makes the hand sling and Risi is in; Bruno hasn’t been well in this race but he’s a pro and there’s a job to do. Behind there are another five teams on the zero lap, it’s the first full house of the race and besides, it’s only 6.00 pm and Sunday’s session is finished after this sprint. But sixes are about the paying public and there’s only one team that they want to see win...