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Pro Shop: Early Season Training

The spring racing season is fast approaching and motivation is high with the holidays behind us. Racers of all levels are planning their training and racing schedules so let’s start off January with tips from two of our most trusted resources (and all-around nice guys) for training and racing information: Dario Cioni and Burke Swindlehurst.

Eat To Compete: Winter Chopped Salad

It's a New Year, so lighten up... One of the best things about wearing spandex on a daily basis is that it easily hides fluctuations in your waist line of one direction or the other (typically one direction more than the other). Despite this, after two months of eating and drinking, and eating and drinking, personally, I am ready to lighten up a bit.

The Rise and Decline of Cicli Turci

Describing Cicli Turci as a "bike shop" is like calling the Ventoux "a climb." For over 60 years, located in Bolzano, Italy, is a Mecca of ciclismo - containing a wealth of history and bikes (and dust). PezReporter, Corey Sar Fox, documents Giovanni Turci's random reminisces and pieces together a fascinating story of the rise and decline of Cicli Turci.

Catching Up With Matt Brammeier!

Matt Brammeier's excellent late season Belgian results have paid dividends. Whilst many pros contemplate their future after failing to close a deal for 2009, Matt looks forward to a packed programme with the Belgian based, but Irish funded AN Post team.

PEZ Presents PEZ 2009!

It’s been a long time coming – and now it's fingers crossed that the chewing gum and masking tape hold as we get this baby up to warp speed. It’s a new look for PEZCycling, that hopefully makes it even easier to find and enjoy your favorite stories and photos.

Best of PEZ: Gord Finds Brittany

TDF08, St. 2: So today, I'm thinking of the person risking ridicule by sticking a stuffed badger on a bike for the world to see. I'm thinking of the lady sitting by the road, and I'm thinking of Anna at Pontivy's Hotel Robic, who sorted my booking for last night, even though I wasn't even staying there. I'm thinking of the wannabe pros dicing with death on the route and the guy in full 50s Poulidor retro kit, bike and all, grimacing into this morning's rain.

Top Rides: The Passo Dello Stelvio!

The legendary passes in the high Italian Alps are admired, feared and respected by all that ride them. And the biggest of them all, the Passo dello Stelvio, has it all. Not only is is the highest mountain pass in Italy, at 2,758 meters, but with extensive switchbacks and long climbing kilometers on both sides, with another road joining from the Swiss side of the border, it offers one of the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding high mountain loops anywhere in Europe.

Catching Up With Paul Sherwen!

The mark of a truly great tv commentator - Paul Sherwen is never short for words. And a good thing as we got his inside view on 2008 and a preview of 2009 – everything from Contador’s ‘sheer class’, the rise of Mark Cavendish, and Armstrong’s return, plus the challenges of commentating during a tumultuous season.