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Pez On The Cobbles: Chasing Gent-Wevelgem

You might not believe this, but it doesn’t always rain on race day in Flanders. The Gent-Wevelgem racers rolled onto the course in mid-morning, and the sun suggested it was really spring. PEZ went cobble-deep with VeloClassic Tours to witness first-hand the craziness that makes the Belgian Classics… Classic.

PEZ-Clusive: Introducing The ProTour Team Cars

PEZ correspondent, Pascal Orsini, was on the loose at Paris-Nice with his trusty camera, and unlike most who aim for the riders and their steeds, he took the interesting perspective of focusing on the team cars. PEZ gives you the up close and personal of all of the 20 ProTour team cars - yeah, that includes Astana and even Unibet!

Cycling Gets Cool In Swinging London

Don't you just love it when cultures 'mix' and actually get on for a change? That’s what’s happening all over London right now where the combination of club culture is rubbing shoulders with all things cycling and suddenly it’s cool to have a passion for the bike. The recent team Rapha Condor launch was a perfect example just the right mix...

PEZ Interviews: John Devine

Who will be the next Lance Armstrong? Well, there is a good chance he will come from the USA Cycling National Development Team program. Cycylists like David Zabriskie, Saul Raisin, Jason McCartney, Tyler Farrar, Tom Danielson, Mike Creed and Aaron Olson have graduated from the national U23 program into the Eurpoean Pro Peloton. John Devine is the latest National U23 cyclist to join The Discovery Channel Pro Team.

PEZ Turns 5!

I’m slightly late with my annual birthday greeting, but that’s only because we’re busier than ever turning out the news that won’t make you snooze. Yes friends, it was just over 5 years ago – on a gray day in February actually, that I launched this ambitious venture called PezCycling News. And oh how far we have come…

PEZ: In The Team Car

PEZ was front seat (shotgun actually) for the white knuckled ride of spending a day in a Team car at the recent Tour Mediterraneen. No rules, wide-open road, obscure Austrian dance music and fast corners give “driving” a whole new meaning.

Hardman Preview: Het Volk

"Mondialisation", isn't it great? We've spooked the 'roos down in Oz; raced the camels across the desert; scattered the parrots in the rain forest and even searched for Jack Kerouac's ghost on Big Sur. But now it's time to come home, to Flanders and Het Volk. It's no super-imposed marketing exercise here, it's in the blood, in the soil.

PEZ In The Trenches: Hasselt Six Finale

To tell you the truth it wasn't the best night of racing ever, but given that the hall goes from being sub-tropical to Arctic in three seconds and we're down to 10 teams from 13 due to crashes and illness; the place is only 20% full and it's end of term, maybe it's not surprising. Then again, the win wasn't decided until the final madison very late into the night...

PEZ In The Trenches – Bikes Of The Masters

When we were down at Grenoble in the Autumn, we had a look at the bikes; up here in the frozen North we decided to check-out the machines of a couple of the "heads" who weren't in action down in the "soft South." Where better to start than with the "Capo's" bike?