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PEZ Interviews: Graeme Brown

PEZ recently caught up with Graeme Brown, Rabobank’s super fast Aussie sprinter just before the time trial at the recent Tour of Germany. World class road sprinter, track superstar, dual Olympic gold medalist and world record holder on the track, what hasn’t he done in his career?

Magnus Maximus: From Denmark To Dope

Almost everyone it seems has had something to say on the recent doping mess, but one group conspicuously under-represented in the chatter is the riders themselves. Our voice from the peloton, Maggy Backstedt is back from the wars in Denmark, and steps up to voice his thoughts on the war on doping.

PEZ-Race: Not Another Drug Story

Like a lot of bike fans the last couple of weeks have stretched my passion for our sport a little thinly, and whilst I№ve never been under any illusions about doping - the extent to which it appears to go on and at the very top level has seriously pissed me off. So PEZ-Man in the UK, Nick O'Brien, went local to see where the heart of bike racing is and always will be.

PEZ-Pass: Inside The T-Mobile Car

Spending hours in a team car for a 205 km stage might seem a tad boring to the casual observer, but when PEZ rode along with T-Mobile‘s DS Brian Holm for Stage 3 of the 2006 Tour of Denmark, it was a good thing we fastened our seatbelts...

PEZ-DTour: Inside The Volksbank Car

Go on, admit it. You’ve watched the races on TV and have always thought, ‘Wow, that would be really cool to follow the riders in a team car”. Well, that’s exactly what PEZ did during Stage 7 of the Tour of Germany.

DTour06 St7: Unstoppable Mr. Voigt

Stage 7 in the Deutschland tour, it’s the time trial and the classification honours are on the line. Jens Voigt, the German powerhouse has proved unstoppable so far in the tour, can he continue his run of wins into the time trial?

MailBag: It Sucks

We should be relaxing on a sunny ride, satisfied that July was one of the best Tours ever, but not one cycling fan I know is in high spirits. Our feelings run from disbelief, to sympathy, to disappointment and even complete rejection… Of course I speak of the current dope scandal, and it’s been the big topic in MailBag…

Post Danmark Rundt: Preview & Stage 1!

Dude….somebody pissed off Thor the Nordic god of thunder... and he pissed on the peloton the entire day in the opening stage of the Tour of Denmark. Just like last year, the rain was torrential and the forecast for the rest of the week looks to be more of the same.

Vattenfall06: Freire, Zabel, Pippo On The Line!

The ProTour has one-day fever again as the peloton battles it out in Germany for the newly renamed, ‘Vattenfall Cyclassics’. Formerly a World Cup event, now on the ProTour, the race was known as HEW Cyclassics up until this year. The racing should be fierce, as Vattenfall is the first big test for the one-day specialists since Liege in April!