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Giro di PEZ: Of Wine & Frogs

To find the border between the Emilia and Romagna, you’ve to walk along the main way to Bologna and, near Imola, start to ask for food and drink. The Romagnoli will serve you wine immediately. Once someone won’t serve it anymore but will propose to you a dish of “tagliatelle”, you’re in Emilia. I would like to discover today the exact border between these two lands.

Giro di PEZ: Podium Girl Exclusive!

Loyal readers will know our long standing tradition to interview at least one of the beautiful ladies who grace the stage for each day’s award ceremonies. At the stage 8 start in Rivasondoli, we met and talked with the lovely, intelligent, and I suspect heartbreaking Laura - …

Giro di PEZ: Chasing Adam

Where’s Hoffman? Richard had told me: “Ask for Hoffman, he is a kind guy.” My duty today is to get on board in the High Road car and follow the Adam Hansen's time trial from that privileged position. So I’m here, in the rain, looking for Hoffman, who should be "the man."

Giro di Adam: Life In The Break

The weekend is a time of rest and relaxation for most folks; but not for PEZ’s man in the peloton, Adam Hansen of High Road. Saturday saw him out front for more than one hundred miles and on Sunday he was back playing the locomotive for Cav, as the young Manxman went for another stage win.

Giro PEZ-Clusive: Matthias Russ Interview!

While everybody here in Italy is talking about the big fight for the final Maglia Rosa in Milano between Di Luca, Riccт, Contador and the others, I think that the most interesting challenge at the moment is the one that sees Visconti and Russ fighting everyday for a temporary Rosa jersey. They were together in the break to Peschici when Pellizotti left the Rosa to Visconti, and at less then one second behind was our new friend Matthias Russ.

Giro di PEZ: The TT Corsa Up Close!

PEZ-Man Alessandro Federico is at it again - he convinced his wife to go for a 'drive', the kind that is less of a drive and more of a preview of the time trial course for Stage 10. But here's more than just a look at the roads, so sit back and enjoy this bellissima preview from Signor Federico.

Giro di Pez: Hello Goodbye

Buongiorno Italia. It’s 5:30am when I leave my home bounding south to meet the Giro. I see a few guys are talking outside of the bar waiting for the fresh cakes of the morning. They’re going home after a long night and I’m just starting an intensive day. Another Giro, in another day in Italy.

Giro di Pez: Vasto To Pesco

I’m happy to report I found a negroni last night- a good one too. A simple stroll into the town center at Peschici revealed a fine assortment of cafes and bars – the good kind with the chairs out front so you can enjoy the view. It was the perfect 'rest' for today's big drive from Vasto to Pescocostanzo along the entire corsa...

Giro di Pez: To The Rooftop of Peschici!

It’s good to be back online from the press room here at the stage 6 finish in Peschici. After yesterday’s big journey clear across the country, I’m recharged and ready to join the fray, and once again today did not disappoint – starting with dinner last night, a ride along the coast this morning, and an awesome view point for today’s finish…