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EuroTrash Monday!

Give me your tired and old leftovers, give me your sour milk, your rotten tomatoes, your moldy bread - I'll sort it nicely like any good Euro and give you EuroTrash, lots and lots of it.

Roubaix Preview: Steve Bauer Remembers

The Queen of the Classics, or Hell of the North? In this week's chapter of our ongoing Classics focus, Steve Bauer remembers Paris-Roubaix as both... "Ah yes Paris Roubaix. A definite favorite of mine with a lot of really good memories to share. I could probably write a book... yeah maybe I could in my spare time..."

Flanders Preview: History Class

This year will be the 87th running of the Ronde, a race started in 1913 in the same manner as many of the other great races - by a newspaper editor looking for a way to sell more newspapers. The Tour of Flanders stands alone as one of the great cycling races, and Daimeon Shanks presents this historical look at Vlaanderen.

RetroFile: Roubaix Meets Dual Suspension

In 1994, an event took place that stunned the peloton, press and fans alike. If you were in Compiegne, France for the start of Paris Roubaix, you'll know what we're talking about - especially if you could get through the crowd of onlookers moshing around the GB-MG team truck.

WIN A PEZ Custom SCICON Rain Race Bag!

We've teamed up with the folks from SCICON - best known for their top-line travel cases - to give away a Custom PEZCycling Rain Race bag. I reviewed this one a little while back and have used it constantly ever since. It's well designed, durable, super-handy, and for sure worth adding your name to the list to win one...

Travel: France From Inside Tours’ Conquer The Pyrenees Trip

France From Inside Tours specializes in cycling holidays in southern France, and one of their most popular trips is the epic Conquer the Pyrenees: 12 days riding 1000 miles from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and back, climbing over 100,000 feet. The company owner and lead guide, Allan Reeves, explains why this trip is so popular, it's back for the 9th year.