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Giro di Pez: Expect The Unforgettable

My drive from Agrigento to today’s start in Pizzo took close to 12 hours, the B&B had sketchy internet, and now I’m up the road in Cosenza, watching the stage end on tv… But chasing the Giro isn’t just about a bike race, it’s an experience of another kind, there's always something new to be learned...

Giro di PEZ: Bravissimo Slipstream!

When we heard Slipstream set the fastest time check, we knew something was up. Then the time held and history was made, but it wasn’t until I watched the team take the podium that I knew what I’d report on. Never have I seen a team so absolutely thrilled with their performance as I did today on the streets of Palermo.

Giro di PEZ: TTT Corsa Up Close

It’s like the day before Christamas around here as excitement is building to a fevered pitch for the start of tomorrow’s Giro d’Italia. I’m doing my best to keep up with all the action and soak in the true Palermo experience. I took a spin on the TTT corsa, and can tell you it’s gonna be fast – check this out…

The 1990 Giro With Frankie Andreu

Ahead of this year's race, Andreu took PEZ on a behind the scenes look at the 1990 edition with a very fresh young 7-Eleven team hoping to continue Andy Hampsten's legacy. It was not to be, but there were some very memorable events nonetheless.

Giro di PEZ: Desperately Seeking Sicilia

It’s my first time to the south of Italia and the Giro grande partenza – and I’ve landed in Palermo in one piece, but without my luggage or bike… But the sun is shining, this place is beautiful, and as I search for the perfect negroni, I hope to learn a lot more about this unique part of the world – let’s get started!

HomeBoy France: Meet Sim!

It’s been some time since our last Homeboy Diary and the illuminating glimpses into the lives of young riders living the dream of chasing a pro contract. Sim Green has been racing with a Bouygues Telecom feeder team in France for a couple years, and has unselfishly agreed to let us in on his racing life …

PEZ Goes Windtunneling!

Big name Grand Tour riders spend thousands on windtunnel time perfecting their TT position. But now the guys at A2 Windtunnel in Mooresville NC have opened up their state-of-the-art facility to racers of all levels with a testing package that costs less than a good disk wheel. PEZ went into the wind and got blown away…

ROAD ID: Save Your Life

We’ll cough up hundreds of dollars just to shave a couple of grams from bottle cages and saddles. We’ll spend five times more on a new set of tires than we will on this… A bit strange that we spend so much money on something hoping for a benefit that we may not ever feel, yet so few have spent just a couple of dollars on something as important as this…

Interview: Adam Hansen Looks To LBL

When your ds tells you to be there for the finale, it means two things – they believe in you, and you’re on great form. Both are true for High Road’s Adam Hansen as he’s got the marching orders for this weekend’s Liege-Bastogne-Liege. He’s back from injury so PEZ checked in for a preview of what to expect at this weekend's hill-studded classic in the Ardennes.