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Gent-Wevelgem 1974: Barry Hoban Takes Us Back

It's Gent - Wevelgem 1974, you've made it over the savage Kemmel climb twice with the lead group and survived hanging on the back of an Eddy Merckx and Roger De Vlaeminck driven purge on the run-in; there are 17 guys left, so maybe you would settle for a top ten?

Giant Tour TT: PEZ Vs The Truth

The ITT at the GIANT TOUR was unbelievable. As part of the Giant Bicycles international media team, we were treated to the full “pretend you’re a pro” experience: riding Giant’s pro race bikes in a mountain stage, a fast flat stage, and yes – a full-blown TT stage on T-Mobile’s time machines.


Over the past 3 years, and lot of readers have asked how PezCycling got started, and manage to publish fresh content day in day out. A lot of you probably don’t care, and just enjoy our own brand of cycling entertainment, but in case you’re interested- here’s a little history as we’re about to turn 3!


Once again those familiar sounds of disbelief and “NO WAY!” were the first things I heard upon informing Robert Markt that he’d just won a CompuTrainer from the fitness-gurus at RacerMate. For those of you not glued to the Weather Channel, it’s been raining in New York, so the timing of this win could not be better!

EuroTrash Thursday

It's Thursday and the end of the week is oh so near. Olaf Pollack loses anything and everything cycling related, Nick Nuyens raging, T-Mobile must have broken a few mirrors over the past month, Heras floats like a buttaflah, stings lahk a bee, and will Ullrich ride the #@$#@ World Championships or not?

EuroTrash Monday

As the Tour de France rages in, er, Belgium, let's break ourselves from the tight confines of Tour reportage and look around a bit more at the wonderful world of cycling outside of the TdF.

EuroTrash Monday!

Give me your tired and old leftovers, give me your sour milk, your rotten tomatoes, your moldy bread - I'll sort it nicely like any good Euro and give you EuroTrash, lots and lots of it.

Roubaix Preview: Steve Bauer Remembers

The Queen of the Classics, or Hell of the North? In this week's chapter of our ongoing Classics focus, Steve Bauer remembers Paris-Roubaix as both... "Ah yes Paris Roubaix. A definite favorite of mine with a lot of really good memories to share. I could probably write a book... yeah maybe I could in my spare time..."

Flanders Preview: History Class

This year will be the 87th running of the Ronde, a race started in 1913 in the same manner as many of the other great races - by a newspaper editor looking for a way to sell more newspapers. The Tour of Flanders stands alone as one of the great cycling races, and Daimeon Shanks presents this historical look at Vlaanderen.