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PEZ Interviews: Simon Gerrans

PEZ sat down for a quick chat with AG2R’s Simon Gerrans at the recent Surfers Paradise International where we talked about his season 2006, his future and life on a French ProTour team as a young Aussie.

PEZ Interviews: Matt White

We caught up with Discovery Channel’s Matt White at the recent Australian National Criterium Championships in Brisbane to chat about the past couple of years and what’s coming up in 2007 for the likable Aussie.

Controversy In Paradise!

A race filled with crashes, fast racing and controversy was played out in Surfers Paradise alongside one of Australia’s most famous beaches over the weekend. Rising above the controversy was Davitamon-Lotto’s top domestique, Nick Gates who managed to take the win ahead of Unibet’s Matt Wilson and Baden Cooke.

PEZ On The Scene: Darren Smith Memorial

What do you get when you cross some of the best Aussie pro riders racing in memorial of a lost mate, big prize money, a hot summer’s day and tight racing around an Oceanside beach resort? The Salt Resort Darren Smith Memorial of course and this year was one of the fastest and hardest races ever.

Goodbye Isaac Galvez

It wouldn't be right to move forward reporting on anything else without a suitable tribute to a fallen rider. Edmond Hood takes a look at Isaac Galvez and the tragedy that is gripping not only the track cycling world, but all of biking.

PEZ Interviews: Antonio Cruz

Antonio Cruz has gone through an interesting change of scenes over the past few seasons: ProTour Discovery to domestic pro team Toyota United, and now for 2007 back to Discovery. PEZ chatted with Cruz about the changes, time at home, training, Basso, and his thoughts on some testy topics in Part One of a two-part interview.

PEZ Mailbag: Burping & Bubbling

It’s been a long while since we last opened up the ol’ PEZ MailBag. But like a festering fermenting bag of blab, the savoury sack spewed forth a tangy tangle of tastey tidbits from readers just like you – but who actually took the time to send us a letter!

Grenoble06: Six Day Tech

No other bike in pro racing gets as much time lavished upon it as a Six Day machine. A good mechanic needs a couple of hours per bike per day to do the job properly. On the face they're simple devices, with no brakes or gears to worry about. But these rigs are subject to the highest stresses with constant high speed, sudden changes of direction and those unforgiving G-forces from the steep bankings every couple of seconds.

PEZ Interviews: Paolo Bettini

Sometimes it's difficult to get an interview, especially if your target is World Road Race champion, Paolo Bettini, he has a Quick Step entourage with him and he's testing his new bike for 2007. But us PEZ guys are persistent and after stalking him all afternoon I was granted five minutes of his precious time. Paolo's compatriot and team mate for the race, a former Grenoble six-day winner himself, Marco Villa helped with the interpreting.