What's Cool In Road Cycling

Days of Future Past: The Rise and Fall of the Spine Bike

Once upon a time bicycles were pretty much built out of steel. Sure, there had been forays into wood, aluminum and even carbon fibre, but steel was real pretty much into the 1990s. A shift began that saw oversize aluminum tubing, titanium impressed, while carbon bikes made a splash with triathletes. Greg LeMond, an early adopter, rode a carbon bike at the Tour de France.

PEZ Bookshelf: Greg LeMond – Yellow Jersey Racer

Book Review: Greg LeMond is America's most successful cyclist, ignoring the dubious results of Mr. Armstrong, and he is also held in high regard in the World of cycling. Leslie Reissner takes a look at a book by Guy Andrews on the career of the multi-champion, LeMond. From a young boy dreaming of his future, to a rider who revolutionized the sport. Greg LeMond - Yellow Jersey Racer.

PEZ Reload: Hanging With Greg LeMond

As I’m regularly reminded of, and take great pleasure reminding loyal PEZ-Readers… this job has perks. Like the weekend I spent at Tour de Georgia with the guys from LeMond bikes to introduce their new Triomphe full carbon road racer – which included riding and hangin’ with Mr. Greg LeMond himself…

LeMond On LeTour: The Week 1 Parcours

The riders make the race – so the saying goes. So maybe the course makes the riders…? We checked in with Greg LeMond, an authority on the Tour de France more credible than most, on what the 3 weeks of parcours will for the riders. Here’s our look at Week 1, as told by the three-time Tour Champ…

PEZ Rides With Greg!

As editor, I feel a duty to score as much cool access to our sport as possible, and as regular readers know, I’ve enjoyed some very cool meetings and rides with some of cycling’s biggest personalities. The few days I spent at the Tour of California with Greg LeMond were no different. I also feel a certain duty to share my good fortune with you, dear PEZ-Readers… why should I have all the fun?

Greg LeMond: The PEZ-Clusive Interview!

Greg LeMond returned to the Lehigh Valley as the keynote speaker for the International Cycling Center and U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame 2006 awards. Ten years after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame Greg looks great and had lots to say as we hooked up for this PEZ-Clusive interview…

PEZ Rides New LeMond Triomphe

LeMond Racing Cycles chose the Tour de Georgia to unveil their all new full carbon Triomphe series to the cycling press. PEZ joined the fun for two days of riding their first all carbon frame, which has been redesigned from the road up, and if you believe in first impressions, this one’s a winner…

Pro Shop: Giro Prep

It’s time for the first grand tour of the year; the 89th Giro d’ Italia. To honor this great race, this month’s Pro Shop will focus on stage racing preparation with US cycling legend Greg LeMond and long time pro Andrea Peron (Team CSC).