What's Cool In Road Cycling

Magnus Maximus: A Piece Of My Mind

Our man Magnus Backstedt isn't at the Tour right now, but he sure has something to say about it, and it's a refreshing voice to be heard. Mr. Backstedt weighs in on his own feelings about the continuing dope scandals that are destroying our sport.

Carmichael Sez: Winning Out Of The Break

Coming to the finish line in a small group always gives you a better chance of winning than entering the final straightaway with the entire pack, but when Daniele Bennati won today, he played his cards well and came away with his first Tour de France stage win. Here's how he did it.

Tour de PEZ: Riders Give Us The Dope

PEZ Roadside Stage 17 - Yesterday, we touched on the Vinokourov situation, today we have to do more than touch on the Cofidis and Rasmussen situations. They cannot be 'glossed-over' and we think you should know what the feeling on the race is like, to that end, we spent this morning gathering opinions from riders and others.

Tour De PEZ: Pyrenean Adventures

Orthez, in the foothills of the Pyrenees... it's a beautiful morning, the mist is burning-off, and long shadows from the greenest of trees have groups of spectators using them as shade from what is aleady a hot sun. The road is rolling gently through the maize fields and meadows and every few seconds I have to stop writing to wave to wide-eyed children.

Carmichael Sez: Racing For A Contract

The Tour de France is unquestionably the biggest, most important race in all of cycling, and correspondingly, it is the biggest and best stage for the riders to make a name for themselves, to prove their value, and to ensure that they remain in the game or better their position as they 'race for a contract.' It's not all about winning stages or jerseys though, and there are more than a few ways to prove your value to prospective squads.

Tour de PEZ: No Rest Today

While the shock of Vino’s positive test threatens to spoil a lot of fans' hope for the cleansing of cycling, the fact remains there’s still a whole Tour de France to finish. It’s ‘rest day’ in the Pyrenees, so PEZ dropped in on Discovery Channel and Predictor-Lotto for a little catch-up.

Carmichael Sez: Hurry Up To Recover

TDF Analysis Rest Day 2 - There’s a price to being the center of attention. When you’re wearing the yellow jersey at the Tour de France, everybody wants a piece of you, and if an athlete is not careful, life in the spotlight can hurt his chances of keeping the jersey all the way to Paris.

Tour de PEZ: 196KM to Loudenveille!

PEZ Roadside Stage 15 - Le Point de Passage Oblige, the end of the neutralized section and, when Jacky Durand used to race, his favourite part of the course. It's 09.00 and there's a cock crowing somewhere over in the farm to our right as PEZ sets-out to take you with us over all of the 196 kilometres between Foix and Loudenvielle-Le Louron on stage 15 of the 2007 Tour de France.

Carmichael Sez: What Goes Up Must Come Down

TDF Analysis Stage 15 - If only the Col de Peyresourde was a little longer, or that Alberto Contador had started attacking a little earlier. Michael Rasmussen had the power to answer all of the Discovery Channel rider’s attacks on the final climb of Stage 15, but towards the end he really seemed to be digging deep to get back to Contador’s wheel. Another few kilometers uphill and who knows…