What's Cool In Road Cycling

Toolbox Bookshelf: The Haywire Heart

Being avid cyclists, few things get our heart racing like pushing our bodies to its limit on the bike. However, can too much exercise damage our heart and risk our health? “The Haywire Heart” explores the potential link between too much exercise and potential heart damage.

Sudden Cardiac Death In Pro Cycling

In the wake of 23-year-old Michael Goolaerts’ tragic death during the recent Paris-Roubaix, the general topic of sudden cardiac death is on the minds of a lot of cycling fans – and probably more than a few professional riders as well. Although extremely rare, events like this do happen. We try to put this issue into clearer scientific context.

ToolBox: Treatment for Sore Knees

The knee is a complex biomechanical piece of machinery and a common site for injuries for cyclist. When not functioning properly, it will let you know with a nice dose of pain. There are many conditions and outside factors that can affect the knee. In this article, I have combined two patients with similar complaints, into one patient with a functional problem called Patellar Tendonitis.