What's Cool In Road Cycling

Moots Announces New President

Moots Cycles owner Brent Whittington announced today that Drew Medlock will join the company as President. Medlock, an avid cyclist and long time industry leader will join the Moots team as of August 21st. Drew was a key leader at Competitive Cyclist and then backcountry.com from 2006 to 2015.

PROJECT MOOTS: A Dash of Panache

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the frame, headset, handlebar & stem of this, my latest personal project bike. Wrapping the bars and choosing the right saddle are small choices with big impact in both look & performance, so I added HandleBra Leather tape, Hudz lever covers, and a Selle San Marco Rolls saddle for a truly classic look.

Project Moots: Ritchey Steers It

Over the last two weeks we’ve seen the frame and headset of my latest personal project bike - the Moots RSL. With the headset in place, it’s time to bolt on the steering mechanism – I went with Ritchey’s Classic Road Bar & 4-Axis Stem - in classic silver.

Project MOOTS: Cane Creek’s AER EC34 HeadSet

My most recent custom build is a Moots RSL titanium road bike. So much went into the creation of the project, that each part bears its own story. I spec’d the ultra-light and super low profile Cane Creek AER 34 headset, and honestly didn’t expect it to warrant a stand alone piece, that is until I took a much closer look at the tech here…


To create a custom road project bike that was both modern and different, I looked backwards for inspiration, but chose but chose the very current Moots RSL titanium frame & select components to make it real.

Interview: Meet MOOTS’ Jon Cariveau

Recently, PEZ spent a little time in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to interview Jon Cariveau of titanium frame builders, Moots. The down to earth company in one of the best cities in Colorado has been making great bikes for years, but their latest and greatest, the Vamoots RSL, is a significant leap forward. PEZ recently spoke with Jon Cariveau from Moots about everything from the RSL to carbon to why coupling is so awesome.