What's Cool In Road Cycling

Retro Equipment: The Best Goofiest Gear Ideas In Road Cycling

Nostalgia: Ed Hood has been in the bike shed again and pulled out more old cycling gear ideas to tease that fine line between the weird, the wonderful and the 'what where they thinking?' Some bits of retro equipment have become iconic, while others are just plain goofy - and most went in the trash can. Nostalgia or junk? You decide.

Best Of PEZ’17: Equipment Nostalgia-Fact Or Fiction?

Retro Equipment Feature: One of the most popular PEZ articles of '17 was Ed Hood's look back at his memories of riding the equipment that people now collect, as a whole section of the cycling community wants to ride l'Eroica events. Ed remembers the bad old days when the equipment maybe wasn't that good. Plus new photo of the elusive Wenkobar!

Equipment Nostalgia – The Clothes We Would Rather Forget!

Retro Clothing Feature: After taking a close look at the bike equipment of the past, Ed Hood turns his eye on the clothing we tolerated back in the day. The Continental riders could turn just about anything into sartorial elegance - the rest of us looked and felt terrible. Don't live in the past.