What's Cool In Road Cycling

First Endurance EFS Energy Bar: Serious Energy

In the world of cycling, as is the case elsewhere, smart or glamourous marketing can often overwhelm a technically superior product. The other way to compete is with a tightly focused concentration on developing the best possible products for endurance athletes. First Endurance is a clear proponent of this strategy, adding to their burgeoning arsenal of top-notch sports nutrition products with the EFS Energy Bar.

ToolBox: Stuff the Turkey, Not Yourself!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it kicks off the holiday season. All of the many gatherings at this time of year offer numerous casseroles, pies, meats, starches, and calorie-loaded snacks and drinks. How do you keep yourself from turning into a butterball? Try following some of our simple tips…

First Endurance Multi-V Daily Vitamin Review

Understanding the nutritional supplement category can be tricky - too often products are based more on "marketing" and less on "science". But one nutritional company that actually bases their products on science is First Endurance. We talked to them about their corporate philosophy and the development of their new “Multi-V” daily vitamin…