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pain cave

PEZ in the Pain Cave: Indoor Riding with Open Road

Some of us - no, most of us - can be pretty obsessive over our numbers and getting the results into Strava and filling that Trophy Case is really important. But there are alternatives worth examining and one of these is Open Road, an attractive proposition that simply aims to replicate the real life experience of cycling in beautiful surroundings.

KOM Cycling RPV2 Rocker Plate Review

I have embraced indoor cycling training with considerable enthusiasm. Over the years there have been huge steps forward in making a once-arduous task bearable and even enjoyable. Now KOM RPV2 Rocker Plate adds real world motion to the ever more immersive indoor cycling regime.

PAIN CAVE: Inside Leslie’s Personal Torture Den

We live in an era where indoor cycling has collided with the greatest pandemic since Spanish Influenza. PezCycling News has invited readers to tell us about your bikes in Readers' Rigs, so now is the ideal time to reflect on indoor training and your own Pain Caves. Here is a first contribution from Leslie Reissner, our Literary Editor.