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PEZ Bookshelf: Pantani Was A God

Don't be misled by the title of this excellent book. “Pantana Was A God” is not a panegyric, a worshipful recounting of the life of the last pro cyclist to win the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in the same year. It is two books in one - a masterful look at when Pantani triumphed, and brief remembrances by those who knew him.

That Was 2019… The Best of PEZ

The Best of 2019: You have already seen which were the 'Most Read' PEZ articles of 2019, but if we look at each month we get a different picture. 'Toolbox' and 'Tech n Spec' still come out on top, but with more variation to the result. Here are your favourite PEZ articles on a monthly basis from 2019... and what a mixed bag!

Fifteen Years After: Marco Pantani Remembered

14 February 2004. Marco Pantani dies alone in Rimini. In a motel, after three days spent in a small room without seeing anybody. Pantani was still a Pro rider. During the previous year, during the Giro, he was able to show great moments and I remember, all over the winter, many people wondering about Il Pirata’s plans for the 2004. Then it all ended.

Marco Pantani’s Top 10 Moments

How could you not love a guy who styled himself a modern-day Pirate? Bandanas, ear rings, bleached goatee, “aargh matey – ‘tis time to plunder us some mountain stages...!” He had the legs to back it all up, and lit up racing of the early-mid ‘90’s with his explosive style and ability. We recall our favorite Pantani Moments…

Pantani Remembered: The Beginning of the End

For many of us February 14th marks Valentine’s Day – the day to remember and be with someone special. For cycling fans; this year also marks the 15th anniversary of Marco Pantani’s death – a spectacular and controversial rider still loved by thousands of fans today. Ale Federico was one of these fans, and remembers that day his hero started to fall...

Pantani EuroTrash Thursday!

Top story asks: Can you change history and give Marco Pantani the 1999 Giro d'Italia? It might happen. The Tour of Hainan has finished and we have the results and video, Canadian cross champs, the Great Ocean Race, Van der Haar in November, team signings and all the latest cycling news in a full EuroTrash.

Giro di PEZ: Oropa The Sacred Mountain

Roadside St.14: In the 10th year of the anniversary of Marco Pantani's death, the Giro d'Italia pays tribute to the swashbuckling climber again with a stage finish at the ancient Sanctuary of Oropa. PEZ was roadside to witness the battles that would have made Il Pirata proud.

Pantani Roadside: Chasing le Tour 1998

February 14th takes on a very different meaning for fans of pro cycling, this year marking eight years since Marco Pantani’s tragic death. But in 1998, Il Pirata was at the top – winning the rare Giro – Tour double. Ale Federico set out from Genoa on his new moto to see the race for himself, and recorded the odyssey in his personal diary…

Ale Remembers: The Pantani Years

While much of the western world celebrates love and romance on Valentine’s Day, thousands of us also recall the tragic death of Marco Pantani in 2004, who died alone & by his own hand (and the drugs in it) in a motel room in Italy. As our humble remembrance to the most exciting climber of modern cycling, we present Ale’s photo-essay of Pantani’s career, covering the years 1995 – 2004.