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Take a Page from our FTP Book!

For those entering the TdF FTP 4-week Challenge, you'll receive your own personal TdF Challenge guide created by us here at PCG. The guide will have tons of educational articles on FTP, the actual TdF routes--as well as the training plans created by Peaks Coach Chris Myers that mimic the TdF.

Raise Your FTP by 5% During the TdF!

Personally guided by Peaks Coaching Group Master Coach Dr. Chris Myers, this 4-week plan is designed to supercharge your training and raise your FTP by 5%–and the workouts are based on the actual stages of the TdF.

Special 2.5-Day Skills Clinic in Virginia’s Gorgeous Blue Ridge

"Want to up your cycling skills??? WE have a half day of descending repeats scheduled on a three-mile, curvy, 8% grade descent! Yes, we are going to teach you to corner--then shuttle you up to the iconic Peaks of Otter where you get to descend learning more each time. How many times do you want to go down!? It's like a ski-lift for cycling! Yippee!!!"

PEZ Goes Gravel Riding

Gravel Series Intro: I’ve ridden and raced on the road for more than 30 years now, but over the past decade, cyclocross has served as my gateway drug into the emerging world of gravel. It’s about time that I start spreading the gospel, so we will start a regular series in 2019 about all things gravel.