What's Cool In Road Cycling

Understanding Relative Versus Absolute Power

Cycling performance is often evaluated based on two varying metrics: absolute and relative power output. These metrics provide valuable insights into a cyclist's fitness and performance capabilities, but understanding when to prioritize one over the other can be crucial for achieving success on the bike.

Time Trial Data Feedback: What’s Too Much?

We’ve all seen the memes of riders who spend their entire saddle time staring down at their computer units rather than the world around them. But is information power (as the saying goes), or can too much data or feedback be negative to performance?

Power Training – On or Off the Bike?

While aerobic capacity is a critical foundation in an endurance sport like cycling, the ability to generate bursts of power is often the secret sauce that determines victory or success. Is there a difference between training for power on versus off the bike?

How to Put More Power In Your Pedalling

Toolbox: With the Tour de France giving us its yearly dowsing of inspiration and awe, many of us head out on our rides thinking “How is it that they’re putting out such massive power? And How can I improve my pedalling power?”

Extending Summer Fitness

Toolbox: The physical and mental challenges of late-season events can be significant. Season fatigue, burnout, and loss of focus often become real challenges in the late summer and fall. The mind and body yearn for rest and rejuvenation even as you have to get ready to go for it one more time! How do we prepare for these one-more-time events?

Toolbox: Avoiding Common Training Plan Mistakes

November brings early sunsets, cold nights, lots of leaf blowing, and, for most cyclists in the northern hemisphere, the time to focus on their annual plan. Planning is excellent and critical to success, but make sure you avoid these common training plan mistakes.