What's Cool In Road Cycling

Praxis Zayante Carbon Cranks, X Spider and Chainrings

Praxis Zayante Carbon Cranks give you 1x and 2x from Micro-compact to 53/39 compatibility in a single crank. Lighter arms than Dura Ace (and less expensive) and excellent M30BB’s compatible with 90+% of all frames manufactured today. This is your CX-Gravel-Climbing-TT Crank…

PEZ-Tech: Praxis Forged Chain Rings

So chainrings... No big deal right? I mean nobody makes a better aftermarket set than just getting stockers right? Wrong. Based in the sea side town of Santa Cruz California, Praxis Works lend us a set of their lovely, LevaTime Liquid Ano, forged chainrings.