What's Cool In Road Cycling

Toolbox: Communication

Our riding and racing can be profoundly affected by how we conduct our relationships. Teammates, competitors, training partners, coaches, employers, significant others: all can play important roles in the progress, fun and success we experience in cycling. As a result, communication is a crucial skill for the mentally fit cyclist.

Toolbox: External Motivation

Often at the end of a Grand Tour, we see a GC contender or leader yank a rabbit out of the hat and pull off a time trial result way beyond anything they had previously accomplished. We hear all the time that the maglia rosa / maillot jaune gives its wearer wings, but how do external rewards affect time trial performance in the lab?

Toolbox: Marketing Yourself

We love it at the same time as we despise it. Marketing and advertising has been honed into an incredibly precise science through both trial and error along with psychological studies into what makes us tick. So if it can make us develop an all-consuming desire for a lava lamp or a pet rock, why not use it to our advantage and adapt marketing ideas to make us better cyclists?