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Race News 06

Lombardia06: No Ceremony For You!

In yet another case of politics spoiling the fun, both riders and fans were screwed out of a podium ceremony after the 100th Giro di Lombardia last Saturday, all because of the continued bickering between race organizers RCS and the UCI. PEZ-Man Alessandro Federico was knee-deep in the hoopla as confusion and tempers flared at the finish…

Chasing Lombardia: The Day With PEZ

I've covered a lot of major sporting events in the United States... everything from the World Series to national championship games in college football, and many contests in between. But for my money, there's nothing like a big-time road race in Europe. Last Saturday, I had the good fortune to report for PEZ from the Giro di Lombardia. It was a helluva adventure, here's how the day tapped out...

Lombardia06: Bettini The Champion!

Yesterday, Paolo Bettini admitted to entertaining thoughts of quitting bike racing following the death of his brother, Sauro. He continued only because he felt that Sauro would want him to do his jersey justice and win, and today, there was nothing stopping little Paolo Bettini. It seems that most days that Bettini wants to win, Bettini wins, but when Bettini has a true mission with help on his shoulders - it's a done deal.

Milano-Sanremo: Max Sciandri Remembers

It's one thing to read race reports about what, who, where, and in which edition of La Primavera, but to speak with a racer, who holds the race close to his heart, a racer who came within fortune's nod of victory is another thing entirely. Edmond Hood recently spoke with Max Sciandri about Milano-Sanremo.