What's Cool In Road Cycling

Optimal Recovery in Multi-Day Events

With the Giro d’Italia well under way, Grand Tour season is now in full swing and the best riders in the world are taking on the challenge of racing almost every day for three weeks. What are the self-care tips to keeping recovered and strong day after day?

Mental Health Issues in Elite Cycling

For most of us, cycling and exercise brings about physical benefits and plain make us feel good. However, the pursuit of elite sports performance can also bring about mental health issues. How might this affect cyclists?

Best Riding Positions For Going Fast

Getting into a more aero position on your bike definitely makes you faster, and we've seen all kinds of variations by riders like Froome, Pantani, Sagan and more. We look at some actual wind tunnel testing to get to the bottom of which position on your bike is fastest for riding and also descending.

How Teammates Benefit Climbing Aerodynamics

Toolbox: Since the era of Banesto, Postal, and now Sky, the Grand Tour climbs have turned into massive team leadouts, with Indurain, Armstrong, Wiggins, Froome, & Thomas protected by an armada of climbing domestiques. But is there an actual benefit to having teammates pacing on climbs?

Fast Ride Survival Tips

Toolbox: One of the pieces of advice given most often to riders trying to get faster is to ride with people or groups that are faster than they are. And it’s pretty good advice, because faster group rides motivate us to go harder and longer.

How To Fuel For Stage Racing: A Nutritionist’s Perspective

TOOLBOX: Planning the whole nutrition for a multi-stage race in the UCI calendar is no easy task and requires coordination not only with the athletes but also with many staff members who are a crucial part of a cycling team. Today, I show you a Nutritionists’ perspective on what is required of us nutritionists in such scenario.