What's Cool In Road Cycling

Rapha Classic Glasses

Rapha today announces Rapha Classic Glasses, its first venture into the performance optics market. Developed in partnership with renowned Italian eyewear makers, Rapha Classic Glasses deliver the highest optical performance and finest quality paired with Rapha’s distinctive design.

Rapha Special Edition Pantani Super Lightweight Jersey

This year is the tenth anniversary of Marco Pantani’s death. A Giro and Tour winner, he raced on a knife-edge, lighting up every race he competed in. But his story ended in tragedy, dying of acute cocaine poisoning after a battle with mental illness and drug addiction. To commemorate one of the most meteoric characters in the history of the sport, Rapha have produced a special edition jersey. Inspired by his career, life and the fervent love that many racing fans still have for him, proceeds…

Rapha Rising:La Centième

To celebrate the 100th edition of the Tour, and the mountains that have made it legendary, Rapha and Strava are proud to announce Rapha Rising: La Centième.


A full round of congratulations go out to Eldridge Holt of Hoover Alabama - he’s the winner of $500 worth of Rapha Performance Roadwear. As usual – our winner was completely surprised when contacted by PEZ, but was of course thrilled that reading PEZCycling does have its rewards!

Cycling Gets Cool In Swinging London

Don't you just love it when cultures 'mix' and actually get on for a change? That’s what’s happening all over London right now where the combination of club culture is rubbing shoulders with all things cycling and suddenly it’s cool to have a passion for the bike. The recent team Rapha Condor launch was a perfect example just the right mix...